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OhioCooner 04-14-2009 01:04 PM

Getting Close
Season starts this coming MONDAY!! Whoohoo!!
Heard a few birds on Sunday, tried to strike some when we didn't hear any on roost at the one spot, ended up getting a hen to respond. :o

Then just today at around Noon my sis and I went 4-wheeling and we were messing around in the woods when I flung my arm in the direction. She didn't get that I heard a super faint Gobble and that was my way of telling her. :D Lol I had brought my call with me... :rolleyes: and let out some yelps to this lonely fella. Knew I shouldn't, but my sis has never heard turkeys before. He ended up answering a couple times, but there was also crows and geese making racket so he could have been shock gobbling.
Anywho, he kinda quit after a couple gobbles and then a Hen started calling back to me. She sounded like she was getting closer so we hid behind and tree and waited. Waited and waited, but she stood us up. :( I think she probably went to mr. gobbler.
Either way my sis thought it was cool! :D

Come On Turkey Season!!

bullmoose38 04-14-2009 02:50 PM

Goodluck! Our season starts the end of April. But this weekend our youth hunt is. Padroptine is making a trip across the state with his dad. We are gonna do are best to put him on a bird.:)

OhioCooner 04-15-2009 07:39 AM

Thanks, I'll take as much luck as I can get! :D Our Youth Season is this weekend also, no plans to take any young guns out though, so we'll probably just be scouting. My dad saw 3 full fan strutters yesterday also. It's looking good!
Good Luck PA Hunters!!

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