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TBow 03-20-2009 10:30 PM

Contest Eligibility Question
I joined the "Archer's Choice Forum" last year, but must admit I wasn't that active on the forum by a lack of posting or responding to very few threads. I did browse the site quite frequently just to read what everyone was up to or what was going on in the industry however. Most of my time browsing was while I was at work during breaks and lunches. When I was at home, my wife tended to frown on my spending hours in front of the computer, although I was able to sneak in frequent stolen moments on hunting web sites to satisfy my addiction, when she wasn't looking.

I'm teetering on retirement very soon and find I've taken a renewed interest in posting on not only this forum, but other outdoor forums as well. I have only been able to watch "The Archer's Choice" for the last year, as that program, or any other american outdoor programming for that matter of fact, was just not available to me as a Canadian. A year or so ago, I was able for the first time ever, to subscribe to an outdoor network through my Canadian satellite provider. That network is called WILD TV. I have never legally been allowed to subscribe to TOC as the government agency that regulates canadian radio and television (the CRTC), did not allow that network due to "Canadian content" issues, or rather the lack of.

I'll have to say that I really enjoy the show with Vicky and Ralph as they provide a truly natural air of reality and their exchanges and presentations are super entertaining. I can understand and appreciate the notation of being America's favorite hunting couple.

Anyhow, back to my original question. Although I was aware that the TV show talked about the "Lucky Logo Contest", rarely did I even consider posting as most of the shows had usually already aired and may have been reruns when I saw them. Tonight I scrolled through some of the pull downs and noticed the "Quiver of Dreams" contest. I was somewhat excited about when I read the details and considered entering, but then read that it is only open to residents of the USA.

Am I ineligible, as I am a Canadian? :confused:

Even if I cannot enter, don't worry, I'll still be watching the show, 'cause it's just so dadgum good! ;)


toomse 03-20-2009 10:43 PM

The Quiver of Dreams is open to U.S. residents only.

Lucky Logo is open to both the U.S. and Canada.
On the latest shows for the Lucky Logo, I think, they show an exact date that the entries have to be in by....usually within 2 weeks of the initial showing of an episode. There have been 2 winners from Canada so far this year.

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