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RockyMtnGobblers 03-19-2009 12:56 PM

Seeing or hearing any birds yet?
I scouted for Merriam's a few days this week, one area I hunt it is a little early for the birds to show as there is a lot of snow yet but they will be their in a few weeks.
I checked out an area I've want to scout for some time now at a lower elevation but with a lot less water. I found about 16 turkeys mostly hens and about 4 Jakes.
The Jakes where gobbling and strutting but the hens where unresponsive, I saw no gobblers but did find some tracks that where probably Gobblers but not sure.

What are the birds doing in your area?

YorkArcher 03-19-2009 01:23 PM

My dad has been seeing a bunch...

I'm heading back home in a couple weeks to check things out...

Season opens April 25

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