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TBow 03-18-2009 09:54 PM

Hypothetical Multichoice Scenario Ralph
It's fast coming to the end of the filming season and you have one episide yet to shoot. You find the ultimate tree stand site and figure you'll be able to wrap things up this afternoon what with all of the sign you've found on one trail in particular. As you complete setting up both the shooter and camera stands, you notice a few tree branches that are blocking the one really good shooting lane where you expect to tag your quarry, but all of the branches are up really high. The property owner has given you permission to "trim" a few branches as you deem neccesary, but doesn't want any complete trees cut down. It's not only the last day of your hunt on this trip, but also the last day of the hunting season and you really really need this footage to close things off for this year. As you stand at the bottom of the culprit tree, you figure you can reach those branches if you can attach your folding saw to a 10' branch that you've found broken near by on the ground, then just reach up and trim them off. You could easily use some duct tape to attach the saw to the branch, but the problem is, you forgot your roll of duct tape back home in another state. You turn to Vic, who was the only one available at year end to film your hunt, and ask her if she has any duct tape with her. Immediately she pulls out a roll of duct tape from her fanny pack, but there's a problem. The roll of duct tape!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: Lord lov a duck! Red Green will be turning over in his.......Possum Lodge! :p And this was going to be the segment of your show for the "Tip of the Week" on how to trim those high hard to reach obstacles. Your only option as to how you're going to trim those high branches, is to use Vic's pink duct tape. If you come up with another method to get it done, I'll come up with another reason why you can't do it that way.

So here's your options:

1. Use the pink duct tape, which will absolutely be shown on national television, combined with Vic's snickers and witty repartees.

2. Take down both tree stands and try to find another location in the remaining 1 hour of shooting light........and face Vic's snickers and witty repartees.

3. Take down both tree stands and head to the nearest town that has a restaurant with a BUFFET and cap the year off with stalking the isles between sweet and sour chicken balls and cheese burgers......and face Vic's snickers and witty repartees.

4. Distract Vic before she films the duct tape segment and try to set the camera to "black & white" where as no one will ever be able see the pink roll on the show, but you'll still face Vic's snickers and witty repartees. :rolleyes:

Decisions.....decisions! :confused:


Deb 03-19-2009 06:17 AM

Can't wait to see this segment!!!:D

ladybowhntr 03-20-2009 05:28 AM

Go with scenario 1----it would be classic R & V !!!!!!!!!

ACM_Ralph 03-25-2009 05:53 PM

TBOW.............................R U trying to get me in trouble....OK I really need to think about this one.

Here is it, since it is the last day of season.....I already filled ALL my tags and Vicki didn't so I am filming her and I didn't care if she had a clear shot or not......:D:D:D So I just got up in the camera stand and filmed Vicki texting on her cell phone for the last hour of the season......

TBow 03-25-2009 07:31 PM

AHHHHHHH! The old "deer hunter's dodger shuffle" (DHDS)!!!! :rolleyes::D

KE Ke ke!

Not what I'da said, but VERY DIPLOMATIC!


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