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MuledeerJohn 03-18-2009 03:49 PM

Hey Ralph,
Big fan of ur show!! Now for my question. I've watched many of your shows and see that they have all been through an outfitter or someone's property. When was the last time you have been out in the boonies and filmed some action where there is no bait, or some form of conservation. Don't get me wrong but would love to see some hunting action where your out in an area where the real hunting is for the average hunter. Myself personally over the past 5 years ive taken down 4 bucks(all mules), and 1 imature bull moose. For the deer nothing smaller than a 4pt (canadian counting), so for the US its 3-8pts, 1-7pt. Anyways if ur interested in doing a show where the hunting is out there in some of the most beautiful area. Come to BC, Canada and try the South Thompson and enjoy the Shuswap!! email me back if ur interested in such a venue!! If im wrong about the hunting crown land and videoing it and putting it on ur show I apologize now!
thanks again:)

ACM_Ralph 03-25-2009 03:19 PM

Hi John,
Many of our hunts are with outfitters or with friends. Alot of the deer hunts you see are us in areas that we get permission for and we set up our own stands, put out our trail cameras, try and pattern movement put food plots in, cut trails, mow trails or whatever we need to keep the odds in our favor. We love to do this.
When it comes to Canada and us not being residents we run into issues with certian animals can only be hunted with a registered guide or outfitter.
I started this many years ago backpacking into areas on public land hunting on my own and having more time to try and make something happen, that is for sure, but that was before all the filming took over.
We love to hunt for anything, so let's keep in touch and someday we can
share a campfire in BC. ANd you are right BC is gorgeous! And no need to appoligize for anything, we love feedback and any ideas for shows..
Thanks buddy.....:)

MuledeerJohn 03-27-2009 11:38 AM

reply for ralph
Hey sounds good Ralph! for sure we'll have to keep in touch and set up something one of these days. In June I'm actually hopoing to go into a guiding course outside of Williams Lake at red Dog Outfitters. So hopefully that pans out for me and I get to do what I enjoy most and thats meeting new people, and making memories while gettin to go hunting!!

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