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encore 02-08-2009 02:59 PM

backstrap recipe
here's one i tried the other day, i used a half of a strap, there's only me and the wife at home, lay the strap flat and cut about 1/3 deep the length of strap then angle knife towards the sides and cut,but not all the way through, do this on both sides so you leave flaps, hope it's not too confusing,use what ever spices you like and season the inside,next dice up some mushrooms real fine and sprinkle in center,then get some crumbled up blue cheese and put that inside,bring the flaps back together,and using round tooth picks,push them through one side into the other side of flap make sure there is some toothpick showing on both sides,next take a long piece of cotton string,andloop the middle of the string under the first toothpick,cross over and under the the next, lacing up your boot,tie off at the end.rub the out side with olive oil and put on more spices if you like, lay a couple of pieces of bacon on top. heat oven to 475 deg. put meat in pan with sides, i used an old cake pan, put in oven uncovered for 25-30 min. depending on size of strap, the bacon started to smoke and set off the alarms,so i put some water in,which turned out pretty good because it made a good sauce, you might have to watch it and at the slightest hint of smoke add some water,or just omit the bacon. you could check with a meat thermometer to make sure it's done, i took mine out after 25 min. and let it rest for 5 min. and it came out med rare. when done cut string and remove,sliceabout an inch thick and enjoy.
(don't eat the toothpicks) p.s. if you don't like blue cheese you can use whatever kind you like as long as it does'nt really melt too fast. hope i explained it ok, it's easier to do than trying to put into words---tom

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