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OhioCooner 01-09-2009 07:50 AM

Tried Something New - Pics & Story
I was able to go Squirrel hunting for the first time this past Saturday. A couple deer hunting buddies asked if me and my dad were interested, so we decided to tag along. I grabbed the camera to see if I could get some action shots of the hunt, it didnít work as well as I hoped, but I still managed to get a couple frames.

As we waited on them to pick us up I watched the sun come up. Loved It! What a way to start of the day!

They arrived right around 8:00am and we hopped in and were headed down the road. Thatís when they told us that while they were on their way over they spotted two Gray Squirrels, one Red and a Black one in someoneís yard. Sounded just like coon hunters as they talked about seeing them here and there.
We only had one shooter with us, so the limit would be 6 Squirrels. To my surprise he had a 12 Gauge shotgun, I had always thought that you used a .22 or something of small caliber for Squirrels, so that was news to me.

They had along two dogs, a young 1 Ĺ year old Fiest named Sally, and a 10 year old Norwegian named Molly. We had a couple inches of snow on the ground and they told me that the Norwegians donít hunt well when the snow was on and so her owner wasnít sure if she would even open on anything. They put an orange vest on the Norwegian, just so no one would think that she was a coyote and shoot her.

No sooner did we walk into the woods did the little Fiest strike. Sally ran around barking and was really trying to show us the Squirrel, but they figured it had holed up in the tree. So we walked them a little deeper and the Norwegian Molly went back to the front of the woods and treed on what her owner thought was the same tree. So we walked Sally a little deeper while he went to retrieve her.
We spotted a big fox squirrel running on the ground but by the time we made it over to it, it too had ran in a den tree. Did some more walking and the dogs didnít open on anything.
We then got separated from Molly and her owner, and the next thing we knew he was calling to us and telling us that she treed. Treed? We coon hunt this woods and should be able to hear a dog treed. But I guess dogs half the size of hounds arenít as loud. Anyway, as we were making are way up to them, Sally spotted two Fox Squirrels and got them treed! Before I could get any pics though, BOOM! BOOM! Lol Are gunner had brought them down!
As we reached the other dog, she had eight squirrels all through the trees! Old Molly proved that Norwegians certainly could hunt in the snow.
This time they let me click off a few shots before they opened up on the Fox Squirrels. After they first shot though, squirrels just started jumping and running everywhere! They ended up getting 4 of them down. That was exciting!
After this, we hunted our way back to the vehicle with no other squirrels spotted. But overall I was very pleased with the experience! I asked plenty of questions, got plenty of answers, and it was pretty neat to watch the dogs work. Saw a few similarities to coon hunting, which was neat. Very Nice! Hopefully Iíll be able to tag along again sometime and maybe itíll be a little warmer then too!

And weíre off.

Got a few Treed.

Itís making a run for it!

The young Fiest, Sally.

The experienced Norwegian Molly.

Va Hunter 01-09-2009 09:42 AM

I've not ever hunted with a squirrel dog. Most of ours involves still hunting and stalking. All fun one way or the other.

Great pictures! Thanks

FFAHunter 01-09-2009 09:36 PM

i didnt know youcould hunt squirrals with dogs... i figured the squirrals would just hide thinking they were coyotes

OhioCooner 01-12-2009 08:36 AM

They pretty much did hide if there were any holes around. It was interesting, these little dogs hardly ever stood still. They just kept combing the area back and forth and doing circles.

Va Hunter 01-12-2009 09:08 AM

My brotherinlaw hunted with his beagle for a good while. He,the beagle, would circle trees to push the squirrel around so my BIL could get a shot on it. I watched more than one show on TV where they were using dogs for squirrel also. There doesn't seem to be one breed or the other that stands out as the best dog. Heck, one show had a Jack Russell and its running pardner, a rat terrier. Those fellers cleaned up on squirrels on that show!

OhioCooner 01-13-2009 09:08 AM

That's what they did too, one person would circle the tree and make some noise to push the squirrel around to the shooter. Then they'd pull some vines and see if any would flush out of hiding, which actually, we do that when coon hunting also.
They said for competition events Mountain Curs typically win most of those because they tree better. But I really have not a clue. :D

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