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burrhead 12-15-2008 11:05 AM

2008 muzzleloader season
I was lucky enough, along with one of my hunting buddies, to draw a SD muzzleloader buck tag. Only 1000 given out in the state, took us 4 years to draw. Season is open until end of year, I'll try to give you a play by play of how it goes.

Friday, day before season, set up double bull blind along river where deer like to winter. We were lucky enough to abtain permission from owner, since rifle season is over he was done hunting.

Opening morning: seen around 30 deer returning to beeding area coming back from corn field. Two of them were small bucks, also seen two coyotes, but didn't want to spook deer so let them walk.

Sat. evening: Went back to blind, spooked some does that were bedded near blind, but was plenty early so was not conserned. Getting close to sunset the deer started moving. Kept catching glimpses of a buck in the trees, but couldn't get a look at him right away, seen him a few times off and on, think he's a 5x5 with short tines. Deer started to file out of bedding area, lots of does going along the river 65 yards in front of me and some going off to my left to another corn field all offering shots of 100 yards or less. Then out steps a nice buck, he's walking in front of my coming on the trail 65 yards away, he's a 4x5 nice and tall, probably a 140's class buck,:cool: and I let him walk by. :confused:Not sure if I could do that again, I was calling myself name in the blind, then another buck comes out to my left, another nice 5x5, he was a little smaller than the other one so let him walk to. I seen alot of deer that night probably 70-80 or more. Nothing even looked at the blind so I knew it was still going to be good.

Sun morning: BLIZZARD:( I got up and knew there was no way I was sitting in the blind today. My partner calls at 6:30 and asks what are you doing, I said just watching the hunting channel. Then he says you wouldn't want to come pull me out of the ditch would you.:eek: So I go start the pickup and put my warm clothes on and off to the rescue. It was -8 degrees with a 30-40mph wind, not nice at all. We went to another farmers place and sat in the hay loft of his barn overlooking his shelterbelt. We seen around 20 does and fawns and on fair 4x4.

Sun Evening: went back to hay loft, seen same deer, no shooters.

Mon: Work:( I plan on gettin off early and walk down to my blind. Not sure if it will still be there on if it is even in one piece after the blizzard. I'll give a report on that tommorrow.

woody 12-15-2008 12:07 PM

sounds like your in a good spot!just a matter of time!:)my smoke pole season doesnt start until the day after christmas:confused: i guess the deer need a break!

burrhead 12-16-2008 08:02 AM

I headed down to my blind last night, the walk is getting harder after sundays little storm, snows getting deep and loud, anyways after my little walk I looked around the tree pile where my blind was and it was still there.:D It was collapsed and covered with snow, but in one piece, only one broken rod. After about ten minutes and alot of noise i finnally got the snow off and it was set back up. I seen a couple of does moving off when I was rebuiding, so hard to tell what got spooked.:( The majority of the deer I seen were on the far side of the river, not much came near me, just a few does, and the wind switched on me and was iffy so they were a little on edge, but no snorting so that was good. No bucks last night, but now I know my blind is still intact and the wind will be right wed night, hopefully. OH did I mention it was cold out, -9, it wasn't too bad, I stayed pretty good until dark, by then I was ready to get to the pickup, I think I need some electric socks.:rolleyes: This afternoon is up in the air yet my buddy and I might chech out a couple of different areas, let you know what we found tommorow.:)

OhioCooner 12-17-2008 07:29 AM

70-80 Deer More? Holy Cow!! Keep at it and nail something!!

I'll have my trusty ML out on the 27th! Need to get some 30gr pellets though first.

burrhead 12-17-2008 07:32 AM

Tuesday evening: Went to an area north along the river to do some glassing to see what was around. We seen alot of deer, a couple of bucks, but no shooters, but we know they are there, seen a huge buck up there two weeks ago.:cool: The problem is getting to them. They hang out in spots where they can see you coming from a long ways, and the snow is so loud they here you coming too.:( Its supposed to get above 0 today and tommorow, then back below 0. Going to go west this afternoon to scope out another area, then tommorow night the wind is supposed to be right for were I have my blind.:)

burrhead 12-18-2008 09:51 AM

Well my muzzy season ended this morning.:D I got a really nice 4X5. Went out last night and sat by a fallen tree by the river and a corn field, seen alot of deer, had five does and fawns come by at 5 yards.:cool: Seen a couple of bucks north of me on land I couldn't hunt, but couldn't tell what they were.

This morning I came into work and the IT staff had my computer locked up, so I said I was going out for awhile. I went to the area where my blind was to see if any thing was moving around the area in the mornings. I drove by one sopt on the river and there was a few does standing there, I couldn't see them all so I grabbed my binos and walked down a little ways, wouldn't you know it a big buck steps out, muzzleloader in the pickup 50 yards away.:o So when I got done kicking myself in the rear, I drove up to the area my blind was. I parked by some trees to glass a wheat field and corn field along the river above my blind, was watching a bunch of does and small buck, when all of the sudden here comes this buck running right at me.:eek: I got out of the pickup stood there and he kept coming closer and closer, he got about fifty yards away and I started yelling at him to get him to stop, but he just kept loping along, so when he got about 30 yards I shot. After the smoke cleared, he was still going right in front of me, I thought there is no way I missed him, I was looking for blood on his body thinking maybe I did miss, then he started to stagger a little bit and tipped over.:cool: I hit him a little high in the lungs, but that did the job. I will get some pics later and will keep you posted on my buddies hunt.

burrhead 12-18-2008 11:44 AM

3 Attachment(s)
Here's the pics of the buck I shot this morning.:D I was using a TC Omega .45 cal 195gr Powerbelt bullets with 100gr of American Pioneer Powder. This is the first deer I shot with a muzzleloader, and hopefully it won't be my last.:cool:

woody 12-18-2008 12:46 PM

Thats Awesome !!and Great Story!so Are You Out Of Tags Yet?i Have 2 Tags To Fill.cant Wait!:d

OhioCooner 12-19-2008 08:29 AM

Way To Go Burr!! That's a Nice One!

Deb 04-03-2009 07:32 AM

That's a fine lookin' buck!

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