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Va Hunter 12-11-2008 03:09 PM

Thanksgiving Day to be thankful for
One of my younguns and I, headed over to my cousin's farm on Thanksgiving morning, for a half day of hunting. We arrived long before daylight and found out that other than my cousin, we had the place to ourselves. We went in the different directions. The stand I chose had been moved. Because they'd forgotten to put a reflector on the new site, I had to wait for better light to find it. When I found the stand, it was already 7AM. I attached my rifle to the pull rope, put on my safety harness and put my foot on the first rung of the ladder.
As I started to pull up, shots were fired on the property next to us. BANG! BANG! BANG! They've run plenty of deer over on us and vicey versey so I unhooked the rifle, loaded it up and waited....No deer after 5 mintues or so. I unload the rifle and rehook it on the tow rope. I'd stepped around to the ladder and here comes a buck easing down the ridge! At a glance,I can tell that this one falls into the "shoot it" class. I'm trying to get the rifle out of the towrope and get a shell loaded without it seeing me, all the while the deer is getting closer. I had this buck figured to come angling down from my right, so I brace the rifle on the left side of the tree, using the tree to hide behind. The deer is getting closer. I'm betting on a broadsided shot at under 50yds, when he stops, putting the tree between us and stands there. I don't know if he saw sun light on my rifle barrel or just sensed that something wasn't exactly kosher. After standing there for what seemed like 10 minutes(probably less than a minute) he turned and started off to my right. I try to get the rifle onto the right side of the tree and bang the end of the barrel into the bar that supports the ladder...WHANG!!!! That ole buck took off!
Right before he dropped off the ridge out of sight, I whistled really loud. I figured he'd either stop, giving me a shot or speed up and stop in the next county. OOPS!(for him) he stopped! The rifle cracked and he dropped out of my scope. No running or thrashing around. I eased over to where I'd shot and there he lay!

He had 4 on one side and 5 on the other with both G2s were snapped off leaving 1'' on one side and 2'' on the other. He had some kickers too! On the backs of both main beams, about 4''s up, he had matching points(1'' each)that were turned down pointing toward the back of his skull. At the base of one side he had an extra point, sticking straight out, that was 1'' long. The other side had 2 1'' points laid down against his head. His rack may measure 16'' inside. Not a bad buck for around this neck of the woods.

"Redneck count" makes him a 14 pointer! I checked him in as a 9.

When I get the film developed(disposable camera),maybe I could send one of the pictures to one of ya'll computer geniuses and ya'll could post it for me? One day I'll get a digital camera and learn to do it myself!

All this happened before 7:30 AM! I or anyone else there, saw another deer that day.

FFAHunter 12-11-2008 06:52 PM

congradulations...sounds like a dandy

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