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craig 11-21-2008 02:14 AM

mixed bag
Made it out to Lake Erie for a duck shoot Thurs. AM, missed the first hr and a quarter but still did ok. Got the layout blind setup and put out 12 bluebill's, 6 mallard's, 6 ringneck's and a spinner. First four duck's I put the bead on I dropped then had a flock of gadwall's come in and getting 2 shot's off not touching any of them. While I was packing it in had a lone oldsquaw come in putting it down with the 1'st shot but he was'nt finished and took 4 more to try and finish him off but it got to deep for me to get any closer to him.
Ended the morning with a black, mallard, goldeneye and greenwing teal

Adam 11-21-2008 09:18 AM

Nice! We're hoping to hit the lake in the morning!

Colorado Rick 11-21-2008 02:39 PM

((M R 2 Duks!))

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