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coorsdrifter 10-23-2008 10:14 PM

My Idaho elk hunt.
We packed into camp on Tuesday afternoon,and started hunting on Wednesday morning with a light snow on the ground.
Although I didn't see anything that morning,I did hear my 1st elk bugle that evening.Lost shooting light before we could get him to come in.The next day we woke to warmer temperatures and blue skies,not exactly good elk hunting weather.
Went the following 2 days with warm temps and didn't hear any more bugles.The evening of the third day,i look across the point I was sitting on and a Mt.lion comes trotting across the meadow and stops in front of me at 250 yards.Unfortunately I had forgot to bring my camera.The 4th morning started as the same but weather began to change that afternoon,with the wind blowing 30mph this mule deer snuck in on us.Luckily the wind kept him from hearing me turning around to get into a better shooting position.I managed to drop him with a single shot with my Ruger 7mm rem mag.
The 5th day the temps warmed up again and still no elk.As the 6the day dawned the weather showed
signs of changing again.With the dropping temps members of the elk camp started seeing more elk and I managed to hear a couple of more bugles.That evening one of the other hunters shot a nice spike and everyones hopes were raised for the final morning with forecasts of cold temps and snow.As we turned in for the night the snow stared and continued all night,we woke to 1.5 ft of snow and 35mph winds.
Unfortunately the high winds kept the elk bedded all morning.Walking back to the camp was bitter sweet,leaving me hoping for a couple of more days to hunt but know that I had to pack out that afternoon.Although I never got a shot at an elk,I'm more than pleased with my mule deer. A good time was had by all members of the camp with the guides working hard all week.With the warm temps and full moon the elk just weren't cooperating,but that is why they call it hunting not killing.I will with out a doubt be back in the future.

Colorado Rick 10-24-2008 08:51 AM

Wonderful pictures CD! Man it's almost as good as being there with ya.

Sorry about the Elk. It's been the same thing out here. They are bugling all over the place but they just won't come out. At least you got the Mulie and an awesome set of photos.

Well done my man. Thanks for loading the shots up for us.

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