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reed2204 09-03-2008 12:13 AM

I just ordered a new blind that i can get a pretty damn good deal on, i was looking for some feedback on how it holds up to wear and everything and just random opinions.. feel free to say whatever, because i'm going to use it for atleast this year anyway.. i picked up a otter outdoors X-terminator.. the blind itself will be used a minimum of 3 days a week until february.. so i'm sure i'll have my own opinion for people after the season ends.. anyways, i just switched to that from a greenhead gear ground force which in my case fell apart within the first month or 2 that i used it. From what i heard, otter outdoors i bigger in the midwest to west coast then what it is here in the east, but the one i borrowed for 2 hunts last season seemed pretty solid at first.. is there anything i should expect that they've seen by owning one or seeing a hunting partners???

Thanks for anything you can provide,

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