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reed2204 09-01-2008 08:19 PM

Kicking off goose season
Just checking how anybody did if they went out today?? post some pictures.. I have some on the way as soon as i get the e-mail with them in i will post.. we didn't really have that great of a day, our last month of scouting was wasted when the birds just happened to change flight for some reason and fly to a different field except 8 birds that happened to come in and land in the fog and 2 flew away, we ended up with 6 and had 3 birds with leg bands out of those 6.. hope everyone else is slaying them, and stay safe while doing it..

Good luck everyone

bullmoose38 09-01-2008 08:26 PM

Great Job Reed! 3 with bands WOW!!! For those that dont know Reed all I can say is he and his friends are waterfowl junkies.:) Wait til you see all the birds they get this year. Especially when snow geese opens. So Reed keep the pics coming!:D

firediver 09-01-2008 08:27 PM

"Adam" and his buds but the smack-down on some PA honkers today. I'm sure he'll post a story first thing tomorrow. My guess is he is still busy pickin':D

Adam 09-02-2008 12:26 PM

We had a pretty decent first day, if we'd of stayed another half an hour, be probably could've broke 30 as we had a couple flocks come over as we picked up, but we started off the season with 21 birds.

This pic is from my cell phone, I didn't take any with the digital as I had a friend who did and I can get pics from him.

I almost got beaned by one! We had a big flock come in, and when the shot was called I had 3 birds right in front of me about 30' up. I sat up and crushed one just as the other 2 crumpled and I swung to the left looking for another target. I was sitting between brothers Chris and Steve with Steve to my right, when Chris goes "ADAM, STEVE LOOK OUT!" Out of my peripheral vision I saw the bird I shot streaked right at us, I quickly leaned to the left and it landed right between Steve and I! That was CLOSE!! There was only about 4' between our blinds and when the shooting stopped Steve and I and our blinds were both sprayed with blood from the encounter. GOD I love hunting waterfowl! haha

After them again tonight!

reed2204 09-02-2008 11:56 PM

Congrats adam!

I had to work this morning but the rest of my crew was out.. i guess they came in about 50 yards away and hovered over the decoys in an open field where they had trouble judging the distance past the decoys.. they got 3 and all of them were banded.. we're struggling this year.. last year we had 40 by this time and ended the season at a little over 150.. and bullmoose is right, snow goose season was one to remember for us.. if you check my myspace page, i have some pictures posted.. we ended up with somewhere around 450 to 500 snows in close to a month.. anyways.. back to what is important at this time.. the pictures should be in my e-mail from what i'm told by tomorrow with the bands.. all i have right now is a crappy cell phone picture that i can't get onto my computer for some dumb reason.. but in all not bad so far for the amount of birds leaving our lake and heading to a private horse pasture that is pretty much untouchable, we didn't do that bad having 9 geese and 6 of them with bands on them.. we're lucky on the band end of it, not soo much on the numbers end..

happy and safe hunting to everyone

encore 09-03-2008 08:39 AM

just wondering if anyone knows if it is safe to eat the livers,hearts and gizzards from canada geese? i'm planning on making liver sausage from the livers and pickling the hearts and gizzards.we got 30 geese in the u.p. of mich. on monday and kept the inards to try it.----encore

encore 09-03-2008 08:59 AM

2 Attachment(s)
here's the first half we got in the morning,we got 30 total. me with the choc. lab,she's 1 1/2 a problem----- she won't retrieve the geese.all other birds she will.thought she would at least swim with them to shore,just circles around them out there a few times and swims back.any suggestions ?----encoe

Colorado Rick 09-03-2008 09:11 AM

Did she have one spook her before?

My old yellow lab Bear went after one that was wing shot and not quite finished. It stood up and hissed at him. Scared the bejezuz out of him and he wouldn't retrieve for a while after. Just circled and circled. After a bit he figured it out, but that was his deal.

We tried tying a wing down on his retrieval toy, thinking that maybe we had to start over with him, but he was too smart.

Va Hunter 09-03-2008 09:33 AM

Great pics of the geese! Ya'll gonna eat good.

My brotherinlaw hunts with a guy who decided to get some pheasants on day down in Ga at one of their preserves. His Shorthair wouldn't have anything to do with them once they were on the ground. Neither would my B-I-Ls dogs. They'd point the pheasants just fine! They discussed this with the guy who owns the place(who just so happens to train and sell some fine birddogs). He told them that thier dogs wee intimidated with the size of the pheasant versus the quail they were used to.

On one of the bird hunting shows a while back, a lady that had a fantastic duck dog was having the same problem as you with geese. They devoted the next show to the show host working with her, her dog and geese. They had to start back at the basics. Heel the dog and throw a dead goose a short distance. Over and over and over. He finally got it and was retreiving like a champ.

encore 09-03-2008 10:07 AM

this was her first goose hunt,and the other dog is kind of dominering,thinks the geese are all hers,but i'd send mine out when the other dog was out.maybe the size bothered her or could'nt figure out where to grab it.probably should have kept one and brought home,to train one-on- time i'll save one,should be able to get one around here. thanks.----encore p.s. she did spend about 10 min. swimming in circles tring to get a wounded one that kept diving down,thought for sure she would have been mad enough to grab that one,oh well -she's young yet

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