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Great White Hunter 08-28-2008 11:16 AM

Last Minute Bow Hunt Available! Hacienda Ranch – Uvalde, TX
Last Minute Bow Hunt Available! Hacienda Ranch – Uvalde, TX

Looking for two people to Hunt with Kelly G (inventor and owner of “The Hawglite”) and myself
At the Hacienda Ranch just a few miles north of Uvalde, TX

The normal price of the hunt is 600 but we are hunting on a special rate of only 400 and can be paid on a credit card.
This is an all inclusive hunt at a premier hunting ranch (food, non alcoholic bevs [alcoholic extra], game care, lodging).
Check out the website for hunt details. Processing and taxidermy are NOT included.

We will be hunting hogs (2) any size – no trophy fees and using the new Hawglite Marauder lighting system. Kelly will have
2 Marauders out there.

I will also have a camera in case we can catch some Marauder footage.

This IS last minute. We would meet just North of Austin in Taylor, TX tomorrow at 11 AM and carpool to Hacienda Ranch. If you're North of Corsicana you can meet me at my house.

Or, you could simply meet us there Friday afternoon or Friday night.

We would be returning on Sunday.

Kelly tells me this is a 5-star hunt, 5-star meals, and 5-star lodging. Check out the website.

Call me if you are interested at 903-641-6920 or PM me.

BTW, the new Marauder lighting system is now in production for any Hawglite lovers out there!


Hope you can come! It’ll be a great time!

Smokin Feathers 09-19-2008 12:22 AM

when are yall goin, I have a hunt at the ranch through Kelly donated at the st judes shoot at montgomery county archery club back in june. i was planning on going in jan or feb, but wouldnt mind goin with kelly. just got my order form for the mauraders.

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