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bullmoose38 01-16-2008 08:26 PM

What tree arm?
What tree arm are you using and do you like it? We are using the Dillon Super arm. We really like it.

ACPOSSETIM 01-16-2008 08:46 PM

I've actually made a couple of my own over the years and am currently working on one that should be one of the best available (I hope) It should be considerably smaller and lighter with positive adjustments so even with the heavier cameras there will be no slippage or movement. I hope to have a working proto in the next month or so. Once we get everything worked out I'll post some more info

TLC 01-16-2008 09:02 PM

Tim, working on an idea also. have 2 right now, don't remember the names, but not real good for do-it-yourselfers. trying to get a little more length on the arm, with less sag.

buckeyebowhunter 01-18-2008 06:19 PM

Love my Dillon Super Arm

BOONER1331 02-27-2008 10:01 PM

Hunter's Cradle Cam

firediver 02-28-2008 07:08 PM

I love my Super Arm!!!

Adam 02-29-2008 04:20 PM

I have a Hunter Cam Cradle and it works well. It doesn't have all the leveling features that the Super Arm does but is a well built support.

Jeff_2002 03-06-2008 06:24 PM

Hunter Cam Craddle Pro Forsale
Hey Guys,
Not to hijack this thread or anything, but I have a Hunter Cam Craddle Pro forsale. If you would like some pictures, please PM me. This is the Pro Model. Includes tree base, camera arms, and a manfrotto head, which is very nice. also has a level bubble built in on the arms so you can level it on any axis. questions, just let me know.


MJewell 03-29-2008 06:15 PM

I have an Gorillia tree arm for my camera and it works great, but them my cam is only an JVC HDD. So it isn't very big at all.


Pixeldoctor 04-23-2008 11:14 PM

Heartland Bowhunters Tree Arm!!!

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