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bullmoose38 07-30-2008 02:59 PM

Holy PA 8 point
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I like this one!!:D

timba 07-30-2008 03:40 PM

WOw nice deer,now thats what I want to bag this year.


cpd realpolice 07-30-2008 04:21 PM

Hopefully, the nest pic of that deer is a hero shot of you kneeling behind it in a few months.

InDaWoods 07-30-2008 05:19 PM

Real nice looking deer!!!

MJewell 07-30-2008 07:38 PM

Great looking buck there, I've got one to match him up here somewhere if I can find him again as I know he survived the hunting season last year not sure how he faired out over the winter months and I haven't been in his home area yet to set up an trail cam as of yet.


Cherokeechass 07-30-2008 07:41 PM

Nice Bull send him down my way! lol

Colorado Rick 07-30-2008 10:02 PM

WOW!! It gets DARK at 3 in the afternoon out there!

Seriously, nice buck. Oh and reset your clock. You're freakin me out.

youngbuck83 07-31-2008 04:23 AM

I hope we can lay eyes on that bad boy about 2 months from now!!! What a bruiser!

OhioCooner 07-31-2008 01:33 PM

Hey Now, you stole one of my Ohio Bucks! Please shoo him back to my neck of the woods where he belongs!! :D :D

Nice One!! Got a little chip taken out of his ear also, he's been around a couple years.

PAdroptine 12-05-2008 08:03 AM

Thats an awesome buck! He looks like he would score in the 140s. Great deer!

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