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carpking 06-22-2008 09:46 PM

Deer roasts
Does any one have a roast recipe that my wife would even enjoy?


Va Hunter 06-23-2008 12:34 PM

Does your wife not like the flavor of venison or the idea of what she's eating?

When fixing any venison, you should always remove any bone, fat and the "silver stuff" from the meat. All 3 cause the meat to taste different.

Personally, I like to take a whole hind quarter apart, piece by piece and marinate the pieces with a hickory marinade and carribean(sp?) jerk rub. Cook on a grill until the center gets to around 160 degrees. The meat will be somewhere between medium and ,medium rare. Just slice in 1/2'' pieces, after it rests for a few minutes. Served up with steamed broccoli and mashed taters!!!! DANG!!!!!!!

Another cooking method is the crockpot. Again, remove all of the "stuff" and put the meat in a crockpot along with a can of beef broth. I like to pepper the meat before adiing the vegegies. Add some baby peeled carrots, quartered potatoes and a sliced SWEET onion. Put the lid on it, turn it on medium low and go on about your business. You can cook this all day while at work. You can thicken the broth with some cornstarch if you like.

I hope one of these work out for ya.

Va Hunter

Monie 06-24-2008 12:59 PM

I absolutely LOVE deer roast in the crock pot. It comes out so moist and tender. I usually add a little water to the bottom, enough to get some moisture in there. I also add carrots, onion, celery and salt & pepper to taste.

If you have left overs, you can pull the meat, add your fav BBQ sauce and make BBQ sandwiches. Yum Yum!!

Like Va said, get rid of the silver skin and the fat. That's where you'll get a lot of gaminess. If it's a yearling, I don't bother taking that stuff off, as it's not old enough to have developed that gamey taste. Sometimes, it just makes the meat better.

YorkArcher 06-24-2008 01:31 PM

I tried smoking a backstrap this weekend.

Left it in a little to long.

The beef brisket I did with it turned out good though!!!

Va Hunter 06-24-2008 02:15 PM

Gotta watch your heat with venison. The lack of fat will dry it out and quick! Got one of those marinating needles? If ya do, roll the backstrap up in some plastic wrap and inject some marinade(store bought or homemade). Try to use indirect heat if possible. The marinade will help keep the meat moist as it cooks out. Basting occassionally will help too.

YorkArcher 06-24-2008 07:57 PM

Thanks VA

I'm always trying something with that smoker.

I love that thing!!!

Cherokeechass 07-03-2008 11:16 AM

My favorite way to make a deer roast is in the crock pot-add the veggies you like and cover it with Campbell's golden mushroom soup. I usually use 2 or 3 cans and I don't add any extra water to it. Easy and tastes great!

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