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nate 06-19-2008 03:58 AM

When boars get really mad
You know, I thought last night was about as bad as it could get. What I am about to tell you will blow last nights story away. I almost don't want to tell it because it sounds too crazy to be true, but hey, I'm not looking for 5 minutes of fame and if there are those here who don't believe this story, that's ok. I know this, I'll NEVER walk through the hunting area unarmed again..........

Preacher and I were finishing up some shredding and feeder maitanance. When we got back to the gate, all the euro sows came up. We were talking to them and playing around withthem liike we always do. All of a sudden, guess who comes bolting out of the woods! It was that crazy freaking boar again. Preacher hopped the fence and pulled his .40 out. The boar hit the fence trying to get under it at him.

I hollared, "Don't shoot the euro's!!!" Well, that boar looked right at me like I owed him money. The bad thing is, we were on the same side of the fence. I ran for a tree and passed a cattle pannel that I threw down behind me. The hog bolted around and met me face to face. in a temporary pen that we had put up for the sheep. I was unarmed. Not that it would have mattered, he hit the pen twice and turned back towards Preacher who was still on the other side of the fence. The boar ran out about 20 yards and turned back to stare at us.

About that time, Hercules our breeder boar came limping up. He has a 10 inch rip behind his shoulder that looks to be about 2 inches deep. He has a big hole in his ham, and another 6 inch rip in his gut. I'm not sure if he is gonna make it at this time.

Preacher and I are discussing making this hog the Aug. 9th hog. I have never been "scared" like this before over a hog. I have had closer encounters but NEVER this aggressive. I wish I had a video of this because it would give all who seen it a better respect for the trophy boar.

I have heard of cahrges before but like so many people never witnessed one then now I have had two in two days. Today though, the boar was 10 times more aggresive than he was last night.

HuntnMa 06-19-2008 05:10 AM

haha, i can laugh now, poor things, must have scared the fire out of y'all....
Yestersay, i was waiting for the tractor repair man to get to me and i was taking some pics of this beautiful oak limb with wild butterfly orchids all over it....i hear crunching comng my way, so i stop, looked and i see this pig coming, 20 yds. from me....i got a pic or two and i started grunting like a pig, he freaked out, did a 180 , hauled butt , stopped ,then started doing his growley first i was thinking he was going to run my way,i had nothing to jump on, luckily he ran the other way...

timba 06-19-2008 06:58 AM

thats scary,I would have hard time not shooting him after that.


Va Hunter 06-19-2008 10:27 AM

Pigs are something that I don't trust until I'm putting them or pieces of,on the grill or stove. My cousin raises them and gets over in the pen with em, rubs their ears and backs while I stand outside the pen deciding which ones gonna taste the best with BBQ sauce.
Call me a chicken or whatever. Heck I trust his 3 bulls more than any of his pigs and 2 of them have attitudes.

Great White Hunter 06-19-2008 12:23 PM

Dude, what's the scoop on Hercules? Glad you're okay. Make sure you're running faster than Randy. I hope your hunters coming in this weekend deal with him. Have you told Tim what happened yet? Maybe he can get you a reenactment on the next Monster Quest. Seriously, as I stated before. I'm glad there was no bloodletting from my two buds. Stay safe my brothas!

jersey jeff 06-19-2008 04:02 PM

I think i would have been eating bacon for breakfast,

nhbowhunter21 06-19-2008 05:43 PM

I had heard that boars were nasty critters. Those tusks can do a lot of damage I expect. :eek:
They probably think we taste like chicken. :p

Monie 06-19-2008 07:40 PM

I absolutely believe it! My buddy, Larry had an encounter with a p'ed off boar. The thing drove one tusk into Larry's shin and flipped him over his back like he was a rag doll. :eek: Luckily, Larry had his pistol and was able to put a few rounds into that SOB.

BRIAN34 06-19-2008 08:42 PM


Originally Posted by nhbowhunter21 (Post 15243)
I had heard that boars were nasty critters. Those tusks can do a lot of damage I expect. :eek:
They probably think we taste like chicken. :p

some people run like I love bacon..;)

Great White Hunter 06-20-2008 06:48 AM

Yes, that is the scary...and fun thing about hogs. Unlike deer, you're never sure what they are going to do, run away from you, or right at you! They can run 35 mph+ and can turn on a dime. Many of you would be flat out amazed out how quick these hogs are! They are territorial and their senses are very keen with the exception of their eyesight which is still better than many give them credit for. They also have no natural predators. They are at the top of "their" food chain and will eat anything and everything, including an occasional other hog.

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