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Great White Hunter 05-19-2008 01:35 PM

More Pork Chops down at the 4D!
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Went down to Nate's place (4D Outfitters) to do a management hunt with him and Randy (Preacher). I had a great time as usual. We were videoing for a management hunt/educational type of DVD. We were up in the stand about 5:15 PM. Hogs came in from behind my left. We heard them coming towards the feeder and Randy powered up the camera. Just as they were about to come into the opening I drew thinking it was going to be very quick. Out they trickled, a little red one (there's a lot of reds and piebalds at Nates:D). A little red 50 pounder another red 50 pounder, a handful of 60 - 100 pound piebalds. About a 150 pound piebald, a bunch of 30 pounders and a a handful that appeared to be 150 pounds and up. I told Randy, "I'm gonna take the red one on the left." He said "okay", but the red wouldn't give me a shot. So, I said "I'm gonna take the piebald". As soon as I said that she turned and wouldn't give me a shot (Remember I'm still at full draw). Another little red spotted boar came around the right. I whispered, "I'm gonna' take that red one on the right," but Randy didn't hear, he held on the piebald. I whispered, "Are you on him?" He replied, "Yeah." Just as I was pulling the trigger of my release he was zooming in on the piebald (He had just had the red one that I was gonna' thump in the view finder of the camera. THWAACK! A half a second after getting the red one out of the picture I had shot. Randy hurried back over to the red one only to find my blood soaked arrow stuck in the ground. He had missed the shot. Would have been cooler to have the impact on the video but he just didn't hear me switch to the red one. I think Randy kind of felt bad but it was my fault...and I didn't feel too bad. Heck I got a great meat hog on the ground!:D Plus, hopefully, we'll get to try it again.:cool:. Whenever we finish putting together the videos I think it will be pretty awesome. I think the editing will take longer than getting the kills on tape.:D

Nate and Randy each drilled a little meat hog too! We had 3 down in less than an hour with bows, and on film. We saw many that were WELL OVER 200 lbs, even 250 lbs+. But, cooler heads prevailed. After all, we were management hunting. To steal Nate's favorite saying, "The little ones are more fun to hunt than the trophies!...not really.";) It was a blessed time I got to spend with a couple of good friends.

Thanks Nate and Randy. Good friends both of you. Talked to Rick and Cheri on the phone on the way back home. I think they were jealous because I only had a short drive home and some pork chops and breakfast sausage in the cooler.;)

Here is the little bundle or morsels;)

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bullmoose38 05-19-2008 02:00 PM

Sweet! Hog hunting looks like it could be alot of fun!

Colorado Rick 05-19-2008 02:04 PM

Jealous doesn't begin to cover it.

I called Kevin earliler in the day to lament (whine) about my latest shaft issues and got his voice mail. I thought I got the voice mail because he was working. I gues he was working alright... workin at droppin some bacon!

So Cheri and I are in the basement paper-testing the latest installment of underspined shafts :mad: and my phone rang. It's Kevin. Not more that 35 seconds after I answered I hear someone yell into the phone "Man! Wish you guys were here! You'd a had a blast!" It wasn't Kevin.

Those three were all kinda fired up! It was cool to hear about the hunt, and moreso the three of them whoopin it up after. Plus it was nice to know that when we do get down there, we're going to be among friends.

Cool piggie buddy!

Oh yeah... so Kevin is on his way home, and stops off at a conveniece store to wash some of the blood from his hands, and you can hear in the background someone talking about hog hunting! Plus... NOONE and I mean NOBODY freaks out because this guy walks in with blood on him. Not even a blink.

You try that out here, as I told Kevin, you'd come out of the restroom with at least 7 little red dots at center-mass and a bright light in your eyes.

Gotta love Texas!

Can't wait to get down there - shafts or no shafts!

Great White Hunter 05-19-2008 03:19 PM

Forgot to mention that we Randy and I estimated that I was at full draw for a good 1 1/2 minutes (Drew earlier than I should have cuz' I though I'd get a quick shot).:eek: My string tried to "wake me up" twice while I waited for the right shot.:eek: Good thing that wasn't on video.;)

tdm69 05-19-2008 08:44 PM

I like mine with just a little pepper and butter over a nice low flame on the grill. MMMMmmm!! Good goin Kevin I will have to get down there with you at least once this year.

nate 05-19-2008 09:01 PM

Dang boy!!! You beat me here too!:D

Hey every one! Party at Kevin's house!!!

ladybowhntr 05-20-2008 07:45 AM

Man, I want to come back down!!!! Who needs to work anyway!!!!

Great White Hunter 05-20-2008 07:48 AM

Terry - I'd love to have you come down. I'm sure Nate would appreciate the visit too. It'd be a great time!

For all who don't know Terry has invited me to write a monthly article for his website. The page will be called Hog Wild and will be dedicated to hunting hogs with a bow. I am extremely excited about my foray into outdoor writing. I have a great passion for writing, having written a full length poetry book, a children's book, and a western novel (slowly). This is an opportunity to marry two of my greatest passions. I will have opportunities to write about hunting hogs, ethics and strategies regarding hogs, educational information about hogs, and even about outfitter experiences and product testing/reviews. I don't know if he's put it out there yet or not but it's at . His site's coming along well. No, I have not posted my bio or first article yet. My first article will most likely be on my hunt at Nate's to include a little educational info. But I am pretty darned excited about the opportunity. Who knows where that will lead me on down that winding road.

Rick and Cheri are coming to visit us in July. Can't wait for that. I'm not working my Gander job tonight so I'm hoping to get the footage on DVD's tonight so we can start messing with it.

Nate, I left a lot of our afternoon out so that you could put your own unique spin and .35 cents worth in there. So, come on wit' it!:D

Great White Hunter 05-20-2008 07:49 AM

Dead Eye Deb in da' house! Yeh, yeh.:D:cool:

Colorado Rick 05-20-2008 03:09 PM

Dang Kevin... How many irons do you need in one fire my man??

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