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Norco 05-13-2008 10:33 PM

vanes or feathers??
Who uses which? and why? I use feathers because they fly awesome. Tried the blazers, AEE max hunters, 4" quickspins all made bh flight a nightmare. Feathers and all is well. I just don't like the idea of wet weather and since I live in the NW that can be touchy. But since they fly great they are worth the trouble.

Monie 05-14-2008 08:55 AM

I use the QuickSpin Speed Hunters. They are awesome! My groups are tight and my arrows are zipping right along. :)

One thing that might be affecting your broadhead flight is your insert...maybe your shaft too. If they are not square, you will get some wobble. An Arrow Squaring Device, A.S.D., will help a lot! If you don't have one, give it a try. Cabela's carries them.

preacher 05-14-2008 08:58 AM

I'm kinda partial to vanes, after most pass-thrus (target or animal) I can usually clean off my carbon arrow, and use it again. When I was using feathers, I would have to refletch the arrow before using it again because the feathers would usually be destroyed. I will say that the arrows flew very good with feathers though.

oklahomabowhunter 05-14-2008 01:46 PM

i use vanes. switched to vanes years ago after wet feathers caused me to miss a nice buck. i had put some waterproof stuff on my feathers but didn't really help. i'll stick with vanes mainly for that reason because i do hunt when i can, rain or shine.

MJewell 05-15-2008 11:56 AM

I used to used featgers on my crossbow but once I started to shoot compound I switched to vanes an haven't looked back. I fine that vanes stand up alot better to continued shooting compared to feathers. Alot less hassels in the long run. They do stand up well on pass throughs but I never use an arrow again after in as killed an animal as I believe it has done it's job and deserves to be retired.


Bow Drawn 05-16-2008 02:27 PM

I have tried feathers and they work but I like the blazer vanes the best so far. Now I just order some flex fletch flash vanes to test and from what I've read they should be equal to if not better than the Blazer vanes. I have tried the duravanes and some others but the blazer to me control BH just fine.

Yes I have tried the Quikspin in 4", 3" and the 2" and they all work fine as well but I had a lot of vane damage from them curling and waving on me. Plus some field point damage from too tight of grouping shots. The other thing is the FOC with these vanes is questionable because they are heavier. I never bought the ST version nor the new Twister version. I have seen on the AC show that Ralph and Vicki were using them and they have some colors we all can't get yet. I think the lack of color choices is holding back the marketing of these vanes. Just my .02:)

ACPOSSETIM 05-17-2008 12:21 AM

bowdrawn -- what colors are you looking for?

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