What A Day

Wow!!!!!  What a morning so far...  This is what we all go to the woods for, good friends, good memories, gobbles, and to take part in a moment of time that will touch us in a place that only hunters know exists…

My morning started out as the videographer for fellow POSSE member, Harley Dunsworth, (you should read his story first) but quickly changed to being a predator!!  Just after Harley's bird hit the ground we both knew instantly that this was the opportunity we had prepared for. Since we hunt and film together, we both shoot each other's bows to see where we hit with one another's equipment. It just so happened that we were dead on with either bow.

Both the other toms headed back to check out Harley's bird so we did the old switch-a-roo!!  He slowly handed me his Scott release and I handed him the camera. He knocked an arrow on his Hoyt Maxxis and slowly passed it in my direction as I struggled with putting his release on my wrist. (I have a Velcro strap and he has a buckle strap) I finally got the release on and my headphones off, which seemed like an eternity in the heat of the moment. Both birds were still standing around Harley's bird and were both side-by-side so I couldn't shoot. I had two Kansas tags but was saving one for a future hunt with a TenPoint crossbow. Finally after a minute or so, the two birds separated. I slowly drew back and settled his TruGlo sights on this nice Kansas tom. Out of my left ear I heard the words "I'm on him" and with a gentle squeeze, feathers flew, and the bird hit the ground!!!!  Wow, the Bloodrunner dropped that bird on the spot!  Can you say PUMPED!!!!!   Two birds in a matter of a few minutes and I didn't even plan on hunting!

Now to the real meaning of this hunt. It's not about Hoyt, Beman arrows, Scott releases, or Bloodrunners. It's about learning something new about oneself, about touching a place deep inside of you that only the sport of hunting brings to the surface. I promise you that every time I head to the woods I will be trying to duplicate the feeling of that day! Thank you Harley for sharing these special moments with me, I know they will last me a lifetime!!

Hunter: Kevin Dishong

Cameraman: Harley Dunsworth