Third Time’s a Charm

My dad, mom and I took a trip down to Florida this past July.  I thought I would hang out with friends while other people hunted and my mom and dad filmed.  Little did I know on Thursday afternoon, Mr. Hoppy surprised the kids by telling us we were going hunting tonight.  I was excited!  He asked if everyone one was okay with guns and I said, “not really…I’m not really a gun kind of person”.  I usually just shoot my bow.  So, Hoppy grabbed a Thompson Center 223 and he helped me take some shots.  I hit all the water bottles so he said I was ready to go.

My friends RJ and Fish were also along.  We had just gone around a corner and saw two hogs.  Hoppy told me to stalk up on them and try to take a shot.  When we got up closer, I took an 80 yard shot and I just missed him.  I didn’t feel too bad because it was my first shot at an animal with a gun and it was a longer shot. 

The gang and I headed to the next spot.  Mr. Hoppy had a spot where he thought there was going to be hogs so we checked it out.  There weren’t any there.  As we were walking out, the gang saw a bunch of hogs by a crazy tree.  One got up and ran away too quick for me to get a shot.  The next one ran, but stopped and gave me a broadside shot.  I shot and I think I nicked him, but we couldn’t tell.  Mr. Hoppy went to check and he couldn’t find it so he thinks I just gave him a little haircut. 

My friends RJ and Fish said, “Third time is a charm!”, so we were off again for another hog.  Fish spotted some hogs in a big field.  Hoppy, mom, Scott and I stalked up on them.  The rest of the gang stayed back.  Then, one of the ten hogs saw us and ran.  This startled every other hog beside two.  Hoppy set me up to take a shot at the black one.  I took the shot and he went down.  We walked up to it and it was time to stick a fork in that pork. 

Ralph drove the truck up with the gang and they all came to congratulate me.  It was so cool!  It was the first big-game animal I had ever taken and I was only nine years old.  It was fun to share with my mom, dad and friends. 

Thanks to Mr. Hoppy, Ralph, Vicki, Scott, dad, mom, RJ, Fish and the rest of my friends that were along for the ride.  It was a day I will never forget. 

Hunter: Logan Johnson

Cameraman: Scott Wolfe