The Rut Is Over

The rut was wearing on me and I don’t mean the whitetail rut… I mean “my rut”! I was in a hunting rut. If you have hunted long, you know what I mean. Things were tough and nothing was working out in my favor; and after that, it left me more confused, beat up, and broken down.

On the morning of November 18, I drug myself out of bed and met up with Harley Dunsworth, who has been filming with me. He must be a saint, because soon after meeting up, I started talking about our bad luck rut that we were in and how the morning seemed earlier and the days longer. I think I talked all the way to the property getting geared up for the morning hunt.

On this hunt, we were a few minutes late so we were getting set up as fast as possible. Just seconds after settling in, I heard footsteps to our west. I grabbed my Hoyt just in case. At 20 yards, a mature buck stepped out of the brush on the trail headed past our stands. I picked a shooting lane, stopped the buck, and put the pin settings on his shoulder. The next thing I knew, the buck was 60 yards away and on the ground. PERFECT SHOT!! After quite a bit of celebrating, I looked at Harley and said, “The Rut is over”!!! Thank you Harley for sticking it out with me.

Hunter: Kevin Dishong

Cameraman: Harley Dunsworth