Texas in December - Texas

It was cold back home and Z & I felt great as we walked down the tunnel to get on our plane to fly south to Texas and hunt with a friend of ours, John Dedwylder. John is a veterinarian for whitetail deer and travels all over the country helping people with their deer. He invited us to hunt his low fence ranch in Texas and we were pumped to get away from the freezing cold temperatures of Northern Illinois in December.

OK, so we didn’t get away from the COLD miserable weather at first; we landed and it was snowing in Texas. We met up with John and his buddy and slowly drove in the sleet and snow to camp. His camp was the largest toy hauler/trailer Z & I had ever seen. A family of 20 could live in this thing, so it fit with our beliefs that everything in Texas is BIGGER!

His buddy Brian, who actually ran the ranch, is the local game warden and he sure was a blast to hunt with. We decided to take our TenPoint crossbows with us to try and get a cool CHOICE Show in late season and it couldn’t have worked out any better. We hunted a few different stands and they actually used old semi-tractor trailer cabs that they did some custom work on, and these were incredible to hunt out of. They fit 3 people with no problem and the wildlife never even paid any attention to us in these huge structures.

John’s dad had seen a really old buck and asked if we would be interested in trying to get on him. We waited no time and Brian, Z, & I got into his elevated condo stand and we could see deer milling around at first light, and then we spotted the old buck that they called whitey. It took over an hour but we finally had old whitey within our perimeter and all I needed was to hear Z give me the green light. The Beman bolt passed through this old buck like butter and the NAP Spitfire Maxx did its job. Wow, you should see the wound and the trail even a colorblind person could follow.  The buck was definitely on the down side of his long 8 year or older cycle; he was one of the coolest bucks I have ever been fortunate to see in the wild, he was old and wise and his body and color showed off his age. It was a great hunt with good people.

With my buck down it was Z’s turn and we had a great 10 point come in and all three of us were not sure of the age so we passed on him and later found out he was a shooter; but that was ok, we had a another really tall 8 point and we decided to hold off. We saw a few does pass in the back brush line but that was it for that morning. We would go back to the same semi-tractor trailer cab blind and this time Z would have the tall 8 come back in and he wasted no time to let the TenPoint do its job. We watched his buck run 40 yards and down to the Texas soil he went.

Many times we are asked why would you hunt Texas and every time we are there, especially in the winter when it’s cold and snowy and freezing back home, we’re sitting perched up in a stand or ground blind watching 20 to 30 deer milling around, seeing all types of wildlife and wearing early season clothing in the middle of winter.......Well I guess you understand why many go down to Texas and hunt...Great People, Great hunting, and Super times. Thanks to Brian, the Dedwylders, and all their super Texas hospitality.....

Hunter: Ralph Cianciarulo

Cameraman: Zendal Carroll