Tall Brow Ten

Beginning in mid-October, my fiancée David and I began getting trail camera pictures of a really good 10 point.  We immediately recognized him as a buck we had pictures of and had passed last season as a 3 ½ year old.  Though his rack was the same basic shape as the previous year, he had added about 15” of antler.  In addition, his brow tines had absolutely blown up!  We decided to nickname him the “Tall Brow Ten.”.    Mature for our area at 4 ½ years old, he was now near the top of my hit list.

Based on all the trail camera pics we were getting of this buck, we were pretty confident that we’d soon get a crack at him.  However, as often happens, Mother Nature decided to throw a wrench in the plans.  It started the last week of October with Super Storm Sandy and was followed by a Nor’ Easter, which of course brought Easterly and North-Easterly winds, preventing us from hunting some of our favorite sets.  When the wind directions finally returned to those more common for mid-November, we were able to hunt our preferred stands and things started to happen!  On the afternoon of November 13th, we had a good encounter with the “Tall Brow Ten”.  A nervous doe saved him that day, but I was pumped and now wanted to fill my tag with this buck more than ever. 

Over the next few weeks, we continued to get pictures of this buck, with most of them occurring during daylight!  I knew it was only a matter of time before I’d see him again.  The weeklong gun season began on November 26th.  With the rut all but over, several bucks had started keying in on a secluded 2 acre food plot to replenish fat and energy reserves lost during the rut.  On the last afternoon of gun season we had the perfect wind to hunt this plot.  Though  unseasonably warm with temperatures in the mid-50s, it was overcast with a light drizzle…perfect conditions for hunting a field edge!  We settled into our Ameristep Carnivore blind and it didn’t take long before deer began pouring into the plot.

Around 4:30, a beautiful 3 ½ year old up and comer showed up and trotted into the plot.  As I was watching him, I noticed another buck walk into the plot on a different trail.  I whispered to David and he zoomed in on the second buck.  “It’s the “Tall Brow Ten”, he hissed under his breath.  I raised the Wicked Ridge crossbow and got ready.  The big buck walked through the clover and headed straight for the oats and turnips we had planted on the upper end of the plot.

Though he was in bow range for a couple minutes, he had almost passed the blind window before he gave me a shot.  As he extended his close leg forward, I slowly pressed the trigger, then...THWACK!!  I knew I had hit him good and he wouldn’t go far.

Hearing him crash, we went after him right away.   I had barely begun blood-trailing him when I saw him lying up ahead.  The new NAP KillZone had left a devastating wound channel and he had gone less than 70 yards.  I walked up to him and knelt beside him. I was SO excited yet also in awe of this majestic animal God had created.

I would like to thank David for all his hard work and Ralph and Vicki and everyone at Archer’s Choice for this wonderful opportunity.

Hunter: Stephanie Olinger

Cameraman: David Wozniak