Taking out the Trash

Going into June I was anxious to get my cameras out on my mineral licks.  There was a great 3yr old (we called Trashy) that survived the previous season I was anxious to see!  The first time I checked the cameras, there he was looking great!  I set all my cameras out to focus on patterning this deer. 

Opening weekend came and went with out a daylight sighting of him.  On Sept 30th the weather was nasty 20mph wind gusts, every type of rain possible though out the day and the temps were dropping 10 degrees in the last two hours of daylight.  So needless to say all I could think about  is getting in my Ameristep blind after work all day.  We no more than got int the blind, when It let loose with a down pour for about 20 minutes.  As soon as the rain subsided it started to happen... First a small yearling buck came out, then more deer started filing into the plot.  Including a decent 3 yr old 8 point.  They all fed for about hour and slowly one by one started to leave the field and it was still only 6:30pm. By 6:45 the field was empty and it was back to spitting rain.  About 7pm the rain stopped again and at 7:05pm That's when it happened!  I glanced to my Right and there "Trashy" was standing on the field edge 35yds with his head down, eating some HS Vitarack as he stepped out in the plot.  I wanted to give my cameraman enough time to get on him and some decent video.  After just a few seconds he threw his head up and started to parallel our position as he crossed the field.  Shaking his head he began to trot out into the plot.  Forced to stop him, I let out three grunts with my mouth and he came to a halt looking for the source.  My Tenpoint Crossbow was sitting on the Dead Shot Field Pod, so it didn't take much to get my 35yd crosshairs settled on his chest, I squeezed the trigger and the arrow was on its way!  Watching the Tracer nock disappear into his chest and as he ran out of the field, I knew I had just harvested a great buck!  After a short track job we found him tipped over as I walked up on him he seemed to get bigger.... I have over 150 trail camera pictures of this deer and figured he scored in the low 160's, that still didn't prepare me to put my hands on his rack!    Was far more impressive in person!  Gross green score 165 4/8

Hunter: Damian Riffle

Cameraman: Larry Scheetz