South of the Border Buck - Mexico

It was cold and snowing in Illinois when Ralph, Zendal, Freddy and I headed out to the airport to fly to San Antonio, TX! We were to spend the night there and then head out in our rental to Eagle Pass, TX to meet up with Mike and Cathy Wheatley from MC Outdoor Adventures! We were going to be doing some Mexican Whitetail Deer hunting with them down near Muzquiz, Mexico! Old Mexico!!!

We met up with Mike and Cathy around lunchtime. They had a secure place for us to leave our rental van and we put all of our gear into their trucks. When crossing into Mexico, it really wasn’t bad. Depending on how far you travel into Mexico, you may need visa papers along with your passport. Mike and Cathy had all the paperwork ready for us, so we climbed into their trucks and headed to the ranch.

We arrived there with enough time to get our Hoyts out and take a few practice shots to make sure that everything was ready to go for the next morning hunt!! Zendal was filming Ralph and Freddy was filming me on this hunt. We were all excited to head out to the blinds!! They have trail camera photos of all kinds of critters, including whitetails, raccoons, mountain lions, and black bears!!!! They have had hunters take mountain lions from the ground blinds in the past!! That would be so cool!!

Freddy and I were sitting in a blind they called the horse blind. (I really don’t know why it’s named that.) The mornings were chilly, but once the sun came up, it was beautiful!!

The one morning, we were sitting in the blind and a bunch of does were coming in. We had deer all around us, even some young bucks. They were working on their pecking order. There was a big old doe there, and she kept on kicking the smaller does & button bucks in the head!! I really wanted to take care of her, but we weren’t allowed to shoot does on this trip!

We were watching this doe when out of the thorny brush came this big 6 point buck! He had dark antlers, and the way they curved up on his G2, it was really unique! Well, I motioned to Freddy that if this buck gives me a shot, I am going to take him! He walked to about 15 yards away from us, standing broadside!! I drew back my Hoyt Vicxen bow and released my Hellraiser at him!! He ran about 70 yards and we couldn’t see him anymore. We were both really excited!! We gave him about 20 minutes and went out to recover him. The buck fell just past where we last saw him standing, but the brush was so thick, we couldn’t see him!! He is the largest 6 point that I have ever shot!!

We had a great time in Mexico with Mike & Cathy! What great people, we feel like we have known them forever, like family!! If you want to go somewhere else for a different whitetail hunt, call MC Outdoor Adventures for an Old Mexico hunt!! The accommodations, food, people, and of course the hunting, was first class!!! Mike & Cathy – THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!

Hunter: Vicki Cianciarulo

Cameraman: Freddy Lagos