Second Tag - Anticosti

One of the BEST things about going to Anticosti is that you have TWO deer tags!  Both tags are good for bucks or does!  Now that Freddy turned the Jupiter River into “the Red River” with his buck, I was “back in the saddle” of the shooter’s seat, and Cowboy was trying to help us fill my second tag.

While driving back towards camp (with Fred’s buck safely loaded into the truck) and happy as could be, Cowboy decided to stop along the way to glass a few meadows and look for some fresh sign.  We had stopped the truck to take a short hike back and see if there were any deer in a particular meadow that Stephan was familiar with from previous hunts.  Stephan thought this area hadn’t been hunted much this year, so it was worth taking a look.  Since we planned on stalking in and out, we packed light and left our ROCKY jackets and gloves at the truck.  We had the Cabela’s wind stopper shirts on so it wasn’t too bad being out for a short time.  (Keep in mind it was below zero temperatures so we wouldn’t be able to sit and wait for deer.)  While walking in, we found more fresh sign than we had seen anywhere else this week.  Stephan decided we’d sit the evening out on the edge of the road over-looking the meadow, and wait for an opportunity for one of the critters that had left all the fresh tracks!  Since we had left our ‘sitting clothes’ in the truck, we had to go back to gear up for the rest of the evening’s sit.

This proved to be a blessing in disguise.  Stephan and I were looking for a place to sit while Freddy headed back the short distance to the truck.  While looking for a place to set up, I heard this “pissssssst” sound coming from behind me.  I stopped to listen and quickly I heard it again... PISSSSSTTTTTTT”... this time, much louder.  Quickly I turned around to see Freddy frantically waving me over with his eyes as big as a dinner plate!  While on his way to the truck, he spotted a great looking Anticosti buck feeding!  Seeing Freddy like this was so funny I nearly “PISSSSSTTTTT” my pants!  Stephan and I quickly slipped up next to Freddy and got into position.  At this point, the buck had an idea things weren’t quite right and was slightly quartered to us trying to figure out what all the “pissssstttt”ing was about!

Before I tell the rest of this story, you need to know that Freddy and I both killed moose this year with the TC Icon (.300 Win-Mag) and fell in love with the gun.  I know that a .300 is a little ‘over kill’ for whitetail, but none-the-less, Freddy and I wanted to see what the Icon would do on the island.  (Having shot my first buck on the beach already and Freddy shooting his on the Jupiter River, we KNEW we could lay the smack down on a whitetail.)  Being a bow hunter, I have never been one to take a quarter to shot, but after reading and hearing other views, and a big debate at the office, I was now about to take my first quarter to shot on a buck.

Now back to the hunt… I set the shooting sticks into position and centered the crosshairs.  For some reason, I expected to see the buck pile up right there after I squeezed the trigger, but to my amazement, he bounded off out of sight!  I told myself, NO WAY!  I couldn’t have missed, could I?  We quickly went over the rise and saw him piled up in the fresh snow.  What a relief!  The Hornady bullet hit its mark perfectly, and put him down with a double-lung shot. This buck wasn’t my biggest, but it will ALWAYS be remembered, and I’ll lay money on it that Freddy will never forget it either.

Once again, thanks to Ralph, Vicki, and Archer’s Choice Media for hauling me around the world living a dream… and thanks to Gille, Quebec Tourism, Sepaq Anticosti, and Stephan for all the wonderful food and friendships we’ve developed.

Hunter: Joe Rush

Cameraman: Freddy Lagos