Paradise Island

Last summer we were trying to find a place in Nebraska beings it was so close to Kansas. After a couple of months of making phone calls and tracking down leads we finally come across a rancher named Steve in south central Nebraska who had a genuine love for deer and deer hunting.  After speaking to Steve several times on the phone, they also had a love for farming and Angus cattle and he and terry hit it off immediately. Steve invited me to hunt on his farm while we were on our annual mid-west trip. I was happy to have a place to hunt and a Nebraska gun tag but didn’t know what to expect. It could be just a place to hunt or it could be a great place to hunt. 
After we arrived in Kansas we gave Steve a call and drove up to meet him on Nov. 12th which happened to be opening day of Nebraska’s hunting season. Upon arrival we were pleasantly surprised to see that Steve himself had tagged out and had 2 beautiful big bucks in the barn. Steve and his family made us feel right at home, we knew right away we had made some new friends.
When we came back to the ranch the next day he showed us around, and gave us the key to the gate, I was ready to start hunting.  Later that evening we climbed in the stand and saw tons of deer and turkey.  After our 2010 trip to Kansas bow hunting for 3 weeks and me coming home with my tag in my pocket we decided that this year I should also get a Nebraska gun tag which would double my odds of bringing home a good buck on our annual trip to the mid-west.
Upon arrival in Kansas we met up with the rancher and he made us feel right at home, like part of the family, he actually gave us the key to the gate and told us to go as we please. On Dec. 15th we arrived at the ranch early there were deer and turkey in the fields when we got there. It was unbelievable when we walked to the stand because the deer and turkey just stood there as we walked by, under no pressure. After climbing in the stand the show began. As deer began filling out so many that we lost count and more turkeys than I’ve ever seen.  It was still early in the evening when 2 nice bucks made their way through a wheat field into a picked cornfield a few 100 yrds away one was bigger than the other and I really liked the looks of him. I watched disbelief as he began following a doe in our direction, as he got closer I realize I was actually going to get a shot of this buck. I had to change positions in the stand a couple of times but finally he was broad side at 130 yrds and I had a clear shot. I got the ok from terry my camera man and husband. I settled the cross hairs of my Nikon just behind the bucks shoulder and squeezed the trigger of my T.C.  as the shot rang out the buck bolted running only a short distance before staggering and tipping over in the field in front of me.
Wow I had just taken my first buck of the season and my first buck in Nebraska on the first day. I definitely wasn’t expecting all of this I cannot thank Steve the rancher for letting me come such a magical place, when you count over a hundred deer and cant film them all cause their coming out from every direction now that’s crazy. I wished I had hunted this place for several days before taking my buck because just sitting in the stand was definitely a treat. Thank you again Steve.

Hunter: Kim Edwards

Cameraman: Terry Edwards