Never Give Up

On April 6, Kevin Dishong and I headed to Kansas for the bow only portion of the 2011 turkey season. The first thing we did when we walked up to our food plot was check our Stealthcam. We were pumped to see a big group of turkeys had been coming to the clover plot for the past three days in a row. They were coming through between 11:30 am to 2:00 pm. We decided to sit and patiently wait from sunrise through the midday hours with minimal calling due to windy conditions and knowing the birds already wanted to be on the plot.

At 11:45 am, two turkeys made their way into the clover plot, one of which was a bearded hen, so I got my bow drawn. When I was pulling back, the bearded hen caught movement in our blind, putted, and started to slowly leave. I released the arrow and missed. OUCH!!!  That hurt. We waited for hours and hours, and I missed my opportunity.

Kevin and I discussed what happened and what our options would be for the rest of our hunt. Giving up was not one of those options, so we decided to stay for a couple more hours since the Stealthcam pictures showed a lot more than two turkeys coming to the clover plot.  About an hour after my miss, a tom gobbled and he was really close. Five or six hens and three toms entered the plot. I was able to get my Hoyt Maxxis drawn and my sight pin settled on one of the strutters. I slowly applied pressure to my Scott release and TWANG!! He didn't go far before giving in to one of my 2-bladed Blood runners. I couldn't have been happier!!!!

Never giving up paid off on this hunt for me but the story doesn't end here…Check out Kevin Dishong's story (part 2) for the second half of this hunt. Thank you Kevin for the great day in the turkey woods!!!

Hunter: Harley Dunsworth

Cameraman: Kevin Dishong