My First with a Bow

November 16th I found myself back in the stand, not even 24 hours after taking my Nebraska buck. I’m back in the stand this time in Kansas, and instead of having my trusty T.C. I now have my Hoyt Vicxen and I’m looking forward for my first bow kill.

My stand was tucked into a wooded draw which ran through the center of an extremely large pasture. Kansas had a very good growing season, this year the grass in these pastures were tall and a lot of the bucks were bedding out in the pasture and even traveling through them in the daylight. The draw we were in had one area with several large oak trees, upon finding this we couldn’t believe that there were still acorns on the ground and the deer were really feeding on them.     We just climbed into our Ameristep tree stand and in the process of getting our camera equipment set up, I was just starting to do my opening interview when suddenly a good buck came off the bank into the draw just 40 yards behind us. Terry my husband which was filming me had his back to the buck and didn’t see him, I told him not to move there was a buck coming toward us and he was close. The next few seconds, let me tell ya, were nerve racking because terry had to get turned around in order to film the buck and I had to get my bow and get prepared for the shot. I can’t believe we got by with all the movement without the buck seeing us. He slowly worked his way into 12 yards while searching for and eating acorns but because of the angle I had no shot.      Finally he turned giving me a quarting away shot, I knew it was time. I drew my Hoyt Vicxen back and settled the pin behind the bucks shoulder and squeezed the trigger of my Scott release. I watched as my arrow buried up to the fletching in the bucks side, he wheeled and ran back in the direction he came from, but only made it about 60 yards and piled up in the leaves as we watched, that’s when it hit me I had just taken my first deer ever with a bow, a beautiful Kansas 10 pointer. I was so excited I had to sit back down a few minutes, my knees were shaking my heart racing, and I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I calmed down and could not wait to get my hands on my buck. I was one happy hunter. This hunt had a lot of first times to it, I had taken my first buck in Nebraska with my T.C. and just one day later my first ever bow kill. This trip couldn’t have been any better. Now how long will I have to wait for terry to get one?

Hunter: Kim Edwards

Cameraman: Terry Edwards