My Chance - Illinois

My heart was throbbing, my arms were shaking, and my eyes were focused. I could not believe the emotion that hit me when I knew that I had the shot. I pulled my bow back and put pressure on the trigger, took a breath, and let it go. I watched it pierce her body and she took off. This was such an adrenalin rush for me, one that I have never felt before. Robert told me it was a different type of adrenaline, but I did not realize until I actually went through it myself.

I started hunting in the spring of 2009, when I met Robert North. This was all new to me, but I was really interested in trying it out so I went with him turkey hunting this past spring and fell in love with it. I got my Hoyt this past summer and practiced almost every day with it. I even played around with Robert’s video camera, just to see what it was like. I had no clue that the next couple of months I would be hunting with the guys.

Camp life was really fun with both Robert and his dad. We hunted in Pike County, IL where they have a camper set up. All of us had plenty of fun giving each other crap about something. Also many fun nights and mornings going to Fatboys where we ate our grub. The most memorable part of camp is sitting in the stands with Robert filming me and scaring my deer away.

We had such a good time this past season, but there was one week I went with the guys, one week I will never forget. I told Robert that I would like to try hunting on my own without the camera to see what it would be like and see if I could pull it off without anyone’s help. I knew I was ready to hunt alone and it was nice to be able to relax without my cameraman barking orders at me, Ha ha. I could just go hunt, me and my bow.

I was sitting there as silently as I could—I was alone and could not mess this up. I had a feeling that I would get my opportunity. After 30 minutes of stillness, I saw her come in and I watched her for another 20 minutes underneath my stand. I thought to myself “Dang, she is just going to keep walking and that’s it.” To my surprise, she came out and I had my chance.

I was getting ready to take my shot, but I had to stop myself because I was too excited; even to pull my bow back. So I took a deep breath and calmed myself down, and that’s when I shot her. I saw her running through the field and she went down.

I called Robert and his dad on the phone and they met me at the stand. They were so proud of me. One thing I will never forget is standing there in the field and Robert asked me one question. He said “Did you thank God?” After that hunt, the sport of it was so much more than just the kill.

I did thank God for her and for a great opportunity and experience.

Hunter: Halie Guthrie