Moose on a Budget

If you’ve always dreamed about shooting a big bull moose but didn’t think it was affordable…THINK AGAIN.  I have two words for you….KASHABOWIE OUTPOSTS.

What if I told you that, for the price of an outfitted whitetail hunt, you could drive less than two hours into Canada, take a float plane to a remote lake (a lake loaded with big pike and walleye) and find yourself hunting big bull moose that reach 60”

This is exactly what was waiting for Bill and I as we loaded our gear onto one of the Kashabowie float planes.  After a short flight, we wasted no time at all and were soon catching fresh walleye for one of our many planned fish fries.  Primetime for moose hunting is typically mornings and afternoons….allowing for many midday hours to take in some excellent fishing.

The first two days of the 2011 rifle season consisted of good moose hunting weather (cool, calm, and dry)…but the moose were not interested in our cow calls.  The forecast for day 3 was heavy rain in the afternoon so we worked extra hard to get it done that morning.  After a few extra hours of hunting, the rain started to fall as we headed back to camp.  Once it started raining, it didn’t stop….FOR THREE DAYS!

I have no problem hunting in the rain, but this rain was heavy and it showed no signs of letting up.  After staring out the cabin window for what seemed like a week, we decided that we were going to head out that afternoon of day-5…regardless of the weather.  The rain was showing signs of letting up and I couldn’t wait to get set up and make our first calls of the sit.

By the time we had paddled up to our hunting location, the rain had stopped completely.  That was the good news…the bad news was, the wind was starting to pick up.  Moose have excellent hearing, but we knew our chances of a bull hearing our calls would diminish as the wind strengthened.

We soon found ourselves set up behind an old beaver dam with our outfitter “Fern” sitting just off to our right working his magic on the cow call.  The longer we sat the stronger the wind got, but we were finally getting out after several rain days and we were gonna’ give it 110%.

Our eyes were focused on the lake and thick timber in front of us when I heard Fern trying to get our attention.  When I turned to looked at him, his eyes said it all.  My heart started racing as I read his lips…..B  U  L  L!!!  While concentrating on the area in front of us where we figured any action would happen, this bull had snuck in behind us and was standing next to a big open meadow.  He could have been grunting at us the whole time but we wouldn’t have heard it in the wind.

Trees and brush blocked our view of the moose but the look on Fern’s face confirmed that we had company!  Bill and I got turned around and in position but the bull would not show himself to us.  After several minutes (felt like an hour) the bull slowly started to make his way out of the brush.  First an antler, then a head, and soon he was in full view of us at less than 100 yards.

While all of this was taking place, Fern was able to sneak over to the opposite side of the beaver dam where he then moved further away from us.  He started up his cow calls again and that was all that was needed to pull this bull into a broadside position in front of us.  I picked a spot right behind the shoulder and the TC Icon did the rest.  The bull ran about 20 yards and piled up just out of sight.

It wasn’t long and we were standing over my big Canadian bull moose.  WOW…I’ve waited a long time to say that!!!

A huge THANK YOU to Fern and the entire staff at Kashabowie, to Bill for laying down some great footage, and to Ralph and Vicki for helping make a huge dream come true.

Hunter: Scott Wolfe

Cameraman: Bill Ball