Love 4 Double B - North Dakota

Once again we headed up to hunt with David and John Brandt of Double B outfitters in North Dakota, knowing we would see a pile of deer! When we arrived we had two other special hunters in camp with us! Tom Gallagher from Cabela’s and Jon Allen from Nikon were there to hunt with Double B too!!

We arrived in camp the day before we were to start hunting. We needed to go buy our tags from the local gas station and we needed to get all of our hunting gear ready to go for the next day!! I took out my Hoyt Vicxen and shot it a few times to make sure that my TruGlo sight was still on target! It was and I was ready to go hunting!!

We also had Carly and Joel, from Delta Waterfowl meet up with us in camp! We were planning on doing some major waterfowl hunting this week!! smile They were very excited about the waterfowl hunting, David and John were a little nervous though, because the ducks just didn’t seem to be feeding the way they normally do at that time of year! But of course, we were at Double B and it always seems to work out!!

We shot a pile of ducks that first morning duck hunting!! We saw flocks of Teal; Carly and Joel were amazed at the amount of them! We took some Mallards and Teal and another duck that I don’t remember the name of! The second morning of water fowling, we limited out on geese!!! We took a little bit of all kinds of geese!! Canada geese (greater & lesser), Speckled Belly, Blue, and Snows!!! Wow!! That was cool!! We are supposed to be getting a few of them mounted because there were so many different species of geese that morning!!

OK, back to my deer hunt!! My deer hunt is actually really short!! Which is a really good thing!! LOL!!  Bill Jackson was going to be filming me that afternoon, and he ended up getting an eye infection!! So I gave him a new name.... My one eyed camera guy!! LOL! Hey maybe it brought me good luck!! We went out and got set up in an Ameristep ground blind; I think it was an Intimidator Blind! We were sitting over a food plot with a little bit of everything in it, including turnips and who knows what!!

On our way to the blind, David told us of a nice 10 point that they had been seeing feeding in this plot. He said we would definitely know the buck when we saw him; he has a couple of big crab claws on his rack!! We weren’t set up long when we spotted our first spike coming out of the woods and heading into the food plot!! Then a bunch of does and the buck David told us about decided to come out into the plot and headed our way!!! My one eyed camera guy (Bill) and I knew him right away!! He came right in front of the ground blind and I drew my Hoyt Vicxen back! He was about 12 yards away when I released my Beman ICS tipped with a Shockwave at him!! I hit the mark!! My arrow passed right through him and he ran about 70 yards and went down!!! Bill and I were pumped!! He was a beautiful buck!! We gave David & John a call to come and get us and that we had a big 10 down!!

I believe that this hunt was my shortest deer hunt EVER!! I hunted a total of 45 minutes at Double B Outfitters and shot a beautiful 10 point!! Gotta love it!!

Thanks Double B Outfitters!! Thanks David, John, and Suzie Brandt for all that you do for us!!! You are the best!! For more information on Double B Outfitters go to!!

Hunter: Vicki Cianciarulo

Cameraman: Bill Jackson