Long Time Coming

Our hunting season started October first here in Virginia. The month of October was uneventful and as November rolled around we left home on a three week road trip to hunt Nebraska and Kansas, which by the way was slow and uneventful.


We returned home with only one week of regular rifle season left so we made a couple of trips out during the week after work which didn’t work out. So that brings us down to the last day of rifle season here in Virginia. Kim came up with the idea to call a couple of our friends in order to split up and have a better chance of taking a buck. Jansen Walls agreed to go and run camera for me at one of our Hunter Specialties winter forage food plots. As we made our way to the stand, we noticed deer already in the food plot. Luckily we were able to get into the stand without spooking anything. As we waited, more deer kept piling into the food plot. We noticed a good buck come out of the timber and start feeding on the other end of the food plot. We were concentrating on what he was doing when I noticed another buck heading toward the food plot. Apparently the first buck saw him too and walked through the knee high winter forage to intercept him. When the two met, the 8-pointer, being older and larger than the second buck, a 9-pointer, started acting very aggressive. He postured, walked sideways, lowered his head, and snort wheezed. The younger 9-pointer wanted no part of the older buck and made a wide circle around him.


At this time I told Jansen to focus the camera on the older 8-pointer; I was going to take him. When Jansen gave me the ok, I steadied the crosshairs of my Nikon scope on the bucks shoulder and squeezed the trigger of my TC Pro Hunter. At the shot, the buck dropped instantly. I had finally taken my first buck in Virginia this season.


Hunter: Terry Edwards

Cameraman: Kim Edwards