Little Trophy, Big State - Texas

How could such a small animal provide such a big rush? At least a dozen javelina started to filter out from the South Texas brush country. These were the first javelina I had ever seen, and the moment of truth was upon me.

I had driven across the country for an opportunity at one of these giant rodents, and finally after three days of hunting, I was presented with the chance to harvest one. My heart was racing, as if the buck of a lifetime had just walked out in front of me. I almost found it comical that a little animal like this could get me so worked up.

Fellow Posse member Bill Ball and I sat motionless in our ground blind positioned only 20 yards from where the javelina fed. Having no experience with judging javelina, we looked them over to try and determine which one we wanted to take. Remembering what our guides told us about being able to see tusks on the more mature animals, I picked what I thought was the best one of the group. Still in the brush and away from the others, I waited patiently for him to feed closer to the group.

Hunting with our TenPoint crossbow, I brought it to my shoulder and settled my crosshairs on my target. Waiting for that perfect quartering away angle, my heart started to beat faster and faster. Finally with the javelina in position and a green light from my cameraman, I pulled the trigger and sent the arrow on its way.

Dozens of little feet scurried into the brush country even faster than they had appeared. My Tracer Nocked arrow tipped with a Nightmare broadhead, had taken out both lungs and was lying in the dust. There was a lot of crashing through the bush and then silence.

Feeling that the shot was well placed, we still waited for dark, and for our expert guides and trackers. Blood was prevalent at the point of impact, but was soon swallowed up by the dust covered ground. Luckily, my javelina had not run more than 30 yards and we made a quick recovery.

After 1,600 miles of driving and three days of hunting, I was finally able to put my hands on a trophy javelina. While not high on the list of priorities for most big game hunters, I can honestly say that these little creatures gave me a big rush.

A big thanks to good friends Butch and Wendy for inviting me down to hunt. Being from the Midwest, my south Texas hunt is one that I will not soon forget.

Hunter: Jeff Becka

Cameraman: Bill Ball