Late Season Doe - Ohio

With only 2 weekends left in the 2009-2010 Ohio bow season, I still had a doe tag left to complete my season. My good friend and frequent hunting/filming partner, Jimmy Fouts, still had his buck tag as well as a doe tag left, so our main goal as we prepared for another COLD sit, was for him to get a crack at a good buck.  Gracious as always, Jimmy insisted we begin the afternoon with me as the hunter. I agreed but said we’d switch with an hour or so left so he could hunt prime time, or what I like to call “the witching hour”, and the bucks weren’t coming out until shortly before dark.

Well as usual we were late getting into our stand and set up.  It takes awhile to put on 10 layers of clothing and place heat packs in strategic areas!  No sooner had I strapped on my Scott Sabertooth release, when I glanced over my shoulder and saw a deer in the brush behind the stand, headed our way. “Jimmy, deer coming in!!” I hissed under my breath.  As she cleared the brush I took a quick look at her head and confirmed it was a doe.  Whether it was the brisk wind or the fact that every deer seems jumpy in the late-season, she was extremely nervous as she entered the plot.  Somehow, Jimmy had managed to maneuver the camera into position without getting busted and whispered “I’m on her” just seconds after I told him there was a deer coming. I was hoping she would calm down to feed on what was left of the HS Vita Rack we had planted here back in August, but she remained nervous as she slowly worked her way toward us.

It was probably close to 2 minutes and neither Jimmy nor I had spoken a word to each other.  But through countless hours in the stand together we have developed a great chemistry and I knew I didn’t have to ask him if he was still on her.  The doe looked away momentarily, giving me the opportunity to quickly draw my bow.  I was still seated as I anchored but realized I’d have to partially stand to clear some branches that were in the way.  I stood halfway up, double checked my bulky clothes to insure the string would clear, and released.  Thwack!  She was hit perfectly and I knew she wouldn’t go far.

With over an hour of camera light still left, Jimmy and I switched and I filmed him the rest of the evening. As camera light faded, Jimmy almost pulled off a double with a mature doe but it wasn’t to be.  We climbed down, recovered my doe and my Ohio deer season was over.

I would like to thank Archer’s Choice Media for letting me share my story and Jimmy Fouts for another great season and sticking it out ‘til the end! Remember, keep your eye on the prize and always shoot straight from the heart.

Hunter: Danielle Wozniak

Cameraman: Jimmy Fouts