Kansas buck 2011

The Kansas rut is in full swing and every chance I get to be in the woods, I am there.. Matt Woodward a fellow hunting buddy tagged out with a nice kansas buck earlier in the week! I was pleased when he offered to film for a few days of his vacation.. November 16th would find us waiting patiently for the sun to rise.. The full moon of November is quickly going away at this time of the month. I personally love hunting the Third week of November which is usually about a week after the full moon.. I have taken several deer one week after the full moon of November.. This Day would be no different.. About an hour into one of the coolest morning of the year I heard a SNAP to our east.. Just like we had planned here comes a mature deer headed right towards us.. Matt and I quickly got set up for a 20 yrd broadside shot.. The buck steps in our shooting lane and matt says ok so I know its game time.. I bleet to stop him, settle my pin on the good stuff and do what all hunters dream of all year long. Put a perfect shot on a mature Kansas bruiser.. After our short blood trail thanks to my Spitfire. We found ourselfs in the moment of celebration.. The years of hard work, sweat, long drives, early mornings, changing winds and finally it all pays off! Thank you Matt for the shared memories and the love of the out of doors that drove you sit in that tree with me even when you didn't have to!!  Thanks buddy.. 

Hunter: Kevin Dishong

Cameraman: Matt Woodward