Joel’s spring bear

This was probably the best bear hunt I had ever been on. I was able to share it with my dad, good friend Chris, and quite a few other first time bear hunters. You can just imagine the excitement they all had!

When we arrived in Quebec we were greeted by Yvon Champagne of LeGriffe d’Ours. With just a short ride to camp, we unpacked and began to review the trail camera pictures Yvon had.  There was a particular site he was focused on and wanted us to hunt.  The bear showing up there was very interesting; he was somehow missing a large portion of his jaw.  This caused his tongue to constantly fall out of his mouth.  Yvon told us to take the bear if he showed himself. I certainly had no problem with that since he looked like a really nice bear.

We headed to the site the next afternoon with hopes of seeing that bear, or another nice boar that had been on the site.  The first part of the night was uneventful, just a few squirrels and chipmunks…everything changed at about 7:30.  The woods came alive with bears!  We had a nice boar come in behind us, but wouldn’t come in to the bait.

Then shortly after that encounter, a limb snapped 30 yards to my right.  I could see a big sow with a nice boar in tow.  She walked right underneath us with him on her tail.  My heart was pounding through my chest because I knew he was a shooter.  It was as if he had read the script.  He broke away from her and came straight to the bait, laying down quartering to me.  The cat and mouse game felt as if it went on forever, until he made the wrong move.  He stood and turned broadside.  All I can remember is drawing back my Hoyt and letting my Spitfire XP do its job.  To our excitement, the bear I had taken turned out to be the unique bear!  What are the odds, since the bear had never before shown himself in daylight.

God is so good with the gifts he has given me.  I am going to be a dad in September, so I dedicated the pink Archer’s Choice quickfletch I shot my bear with to my baby girl!  I also have to say a HUGE thank you Yvon and Philipe Champagne from La Griffe d’Ours for an unbelievable hunt; my dad for filming me, and Ralph and Vicki for the once in a lifetime opportunity!

Hunter: Joel Turnbeaugh

Cameraman: Lonnie Turnbeaugh