Javelina Surprise

It was the last morning of our hunt with our good friends on The Covenant Ranch in the south Texas brush country. After a great week of deer hunting, we decided to spend the last day hunting hogs, javelina’s, and predators. Vicki and I got into our blind and I began setting up the camera gear for the morning hunt. When Vicki looked over and said, “Hey bud, I just wanted to let you know that if a javelina or hog comes in this morning you’re going to shoot it”. I thought I was just going to film while we were in Texas, so it was an awesome surprise. Vicki and I switched up, she handed me the TenPoint and jumped behind our Sony HD camera.

The morning started off a bit slow, we only saw a small yearling doe come through the sendero. So we sat back, relaxed, and opened up a couple of Tootsie Roll Lollipops for breakfast.  It was getting later in the morning when I spotted movement up the sender. It was a group of javelina and they were headed our way. They closed the distance to thirty yards and began feeding. The blind that we were in was a bit cramped, so Vicki and I had to shuffle around to get the camera ready for the shot. We got ourselves situated; I raised the TenPoint, and waited for a clear shot. There were six javelina in the group, three small ones and three larger ones. When one of the larger javelina’s cleared to the left of the rest of the group, I steadied my crosshairs behind the shoulder and slowly squeezed the trigger on my TenPoint. My Spitfire found its home in the vitals of the javelina. The big rat went about forty yards into the Prickly Pear Cactus and piled up.

What an awesome way to end a great hunt in south Texas. Big thanks go to Ralph and Vicki for the surprise, all the great people and hospitality down on The Covenant Ranch, and of course the good Lord above for another blessing of his awesome creations. Hey if it involves 80 degrees in December and hunting, you can count this Illinois boy in!

Hunter: Freddy Lagos

Cameraman: Vicki Cianciarulo