I Missed a Turkey with a Benelli!

Well that got your attention!! Ralph and I headed down to Florida to hunt Osceola turkeys with Hoppy Kempfer at Osceola Outfitters, and as usual, we had a great trip!!

We had invited some good friends to join us on this hunt, Mr. Jim Zumbo and Don Lind (from South Peace Outfitters, in Alberta). Ralph also decided that we need to surprise Freddy, our emotional one at the office, and gave up his turkey so that Freddy could get his first Osceola!  So we had a busy week ahead of us!!

I was up first, and as usual, Hoppy had the birds all scouted out! We had gotten set up in an area where we were sitting in a small patch of palmettos; we had our DHD full strut decoy out in front of us. They had been watching some gobblers walk by this area for the past several days.

Hoppy did an owl hoot and the turkeys gobbled and then a pile of owls started flying in over us and landing all around us! They were all hooting like crazy and it was so neat!! We sat there for a while and then Hoppy, Mike, & Ralph decided we should make a blind for that afternoon hunt. Well, we started to pack up and wouldn’t you know it, Ralph spots about 5 turkeys running in our direction!! So we get back down in the brush and tried to get set back up fast!!

The first two gobblers came in and Hoppy told me to take the one on the left, so I put my Benelli 20 gauge up and shot! I MISSED!! WOW! I started to laugh, because I couldn’t believe I missed a turkey with a shotgun!! He was about 20 yards when I shot at him. Hoppy was telling me to shoot again, because he was only out at about 30 yards at that point, so I pumped the gun and shot the gobbler! This time I hit him good!! LOL!! We started laughing so hard! I know I miss, I just didn’t think I could miss with a shotgun!! Humble pie was served to me that morning!!

We ended out the week with 4 gobblers and one hog down! It was a great time as usual down there with Hoppy and the whole Kempfer family! Thanks everyone!! For more info on Osceola Outfitters go to www.osceolaoutfitters.com


Hunter: Vicki Cianciarulo

Cameraman: Freddy Lagos