Hog Hunting Baby

Well it all started with the surprise of going to Hoppy’s in Florida for the annual Posse Bash. We turned off the interstate onto this long road, it felt like we were never going to get there. Finally when we arrived at Hoppy’s I had a huge surprise waiting for me. I no more got out of the car until, Vicki came up and asked me if I would like to go hog hunting that evening! I was thrilled. I changed clothes real quick and shot the 308 a few times with Hoppy’s son.
They split us up into groups. We got into the bed of a pickup truck and went to the designated place, where our guide took us. The other kid with me was, Luke. We had to be very quite because Hogs can hear really good. The first hogs we came upon were some babies, so we just kept going. It was getting later. All of the sudden out of nowhere came some big sows. There wasn’t any bores in the group but that’s okay, I was just thrilled to get the opportunity to kill a hog.
We decided to try to get one of them. We jumped off the truck got the camera’s setup and stalked up on these nice sows. We kept getting closer and closer and then I heard my guide say, “Do you think you can get one from here’’. I said “Yea”, I focused in on the sows shoulder. I was shaking like CRAZY, and my heart felt like it was going to come out of my chest! My guide told me, “When you’re ready”. I slowly pulled back the trigger on the TC. And BOOM there went my hog, I got it!
I slowly handed to gun to Luke. The other Sows didn’t do anything but smell and circle my hog. So he thought he’d take one of them. I was so happy that we could both get one and right after another! Luke focused in on the one he wanted, and finally took his shot. He got one too! We quickly went to our sows, we couldn’t wait to see them.
Then we loaded them up and put them on the bed of the truck, and went to show them off! That was an awesome surprise, thanks to Hoppy, David, Stephanie, Russ;), Shelley, Luke, Mom, my guide of course, and Ralph and Vicki!

Hunter: Taylor Edwards