Good things come to those who wait

November   22nd we have been in Kansas for two weeks, Kim is tagged out and she has been filming me since she killed her buck and I only have two days left to hunt.  The rut is winding down and I am beginning to wonder if it’s going to happen this year for me.  I am still seeing deer just not the mature buck I’m after.   
The morning hunt was slow and the temperature was warming up when we climbed in our stands at 3 p.m.  After a couple of hours Kim spotted a doe bedded a couple 100 yards from our stand, we had no idea how long she had been there or where she came from. Minutes later the doe jumped up and ran I couldn’t figure out what had spooked her. The wind was right and I know she couldn’t have seen us, a few seconds later I saw what had spooked her. A mature buck was walking his way down the draw toward us and if he stayed on the trail he was on, he would pass by our stand at less than 20 yards.  As I watched him through my Nikon binoculars I realized this was one of the mature bucks I was after, and told Kim if he gave me a shot I was going to take this one. Luckily the buck stayed on the same trail. When he got to 25 yrds I drew my Hoyt expecting a 15 yrd shot as he walked through my shooting  lane but as mature bucks often do he stopped and began feeding on acorns before reaching the shooting lane. I held the bow at full draw for what seemed like forever but then I had to let it down because where he was standing ,I didn’t have a clear shot because of the  hanging  tree limbs and he was only 18 yards. As I watched the buck a million things were running through my mind. I tried to imagine every scenario that could happen, in order to be prepared for what did happen. Whenever the buck started to move again instead of him walking away on an angle giving me a quarting away shot, I had to grunt at him 3 times before he finally stopped at 28 yards. I had drawn my Hoyt for the second time as soon as he started walking, so when I finally get him stopped all i had to do was put the pin behind his shoulder and squeeze off the shot. I watched the arrow find its mark and I knew I had made a good shot. The buck wheeled and ran back the direction he had come from, but only went about 60 yards and we watched him go down. 
That’s when it sank in, I had just taken my biggest buck with a bow. My excitement level was through the roof. I couldn’t believe what just happened not only did I fill my tag but it was one of the bucks that I knew was in the area and been waiting on. He was a beautiful 6x6 with 4 small stickers which scored 164. Even though he had broken off about 10 inches of non-typical points since the first time I had saw him. I was so happy, Kim says I don’t show a lot of excitement but this is one time I did.

Hunter: Terry Edwards

Cameraman: Kim Edwards