Fantasy Island - Anticosti

In today’s world of BIG BUCKS we sometimes lose sight of what it’s all about. I have seen so many people lose their families to this increasing obsession of shooting the biggest buck you can. Seen them not only lose relationships, but neglect nearly everything in their lives, and we found a place that truly puts us back into the proper prospective of all this deer hunting.

Anticosti Island, we went back with Sepaq and Tourism Quebec to the deer hunter’s fantasy island and NO I am not Tattoo!!!! LOL. We arrived on the island and Gilles met us right off the plane. It was cold and windy but not a lot of snow. For you see on the island, you want snow—this is what starts the migration of deer to the shorelines for them to eat the seaweed and really move a lot; however, as we noticed on our drive, and talking to Gilles, this was not going to be the case this year. He told us how September and October were incredible for hunting and that November was very slow. You know when you hear that you stomach tightens up and you wish you were there at another time.

After a few hours of driving, we were at camp and right on the ocean. This island is beautiful and for anyone who has never been there, you need to plan a trip and witness this truly magnificent landscape, people, and hunting adventure. We met all the other hunters in camp and all of the U.S. hunters were from the east coast and most of them make this an annual trip year after year. This was to be our 3rd time and Vicki, Freddy, Joe, and I were pumped to be back. We were all gun hunting and had our TC 270 and the TC 300 win mag.....a bit more than what was needed for these deer, but Freddy and Joe wanted to shoot this big cannon.

The hunt is run with rotating areas/zones each day, for example, we were in area/zone 6 the first day and the following day we were in area/zone 1. It is camp tradition to rotate area/zones for all of the hunters each day. Our first day out we took the ATV’s down along the coast and went to our designated area for that day. It wasn’t long and we spotted some deer up and feeding, we could see a buck way out near the timber but the wind was not what we needed, so we moved on. After two hours on the bikes, Gilles wanted us to spot & stalk a drainage, so Vicki & I got our packs and headed out. Freddy, Joe, and Stefan continued down the shoreline. We hiked over an hour and saw some deer, had a nice buck at less than 100 yards, but he saw us before we saw him and he vanished in the thick cover. As time passed the wind shifted and we had to cross a large frozen swamp to get the wind in our favor and it was a good thing we did.

We walked another drainage for nearly a mile or so and spotted a nice buck feeding about 100 yards away, we quickly got set up, I made sure he was a mature deer, and put my Nikon crosshair on his shoulder and asked Vicki if she was on him. Her typical comment was "YES I AM"...and I slowly squeezed the TC 270 trigger and all I can remember is watching the buck fold in the scope. We all were pumped and excited, it wasn’t a record book Midwest whitetail, it would not make the cover of a magazine. Pictures of this buck would not be all over the internet, it was a trophy in our eyes, and a memory no one could ever take away. Once again we came to the land and experienced everything this fantastic place has to offer all hunters, and we put some of the BEST tasting venison you will ever try in our freezer.

If you are looking for a change of pace, one that will return you to the roots of what deer hunting is all about, then by all means check out the deer hunter's fantasy island for yourself...

Hunter: Ralph Cianciarulo

Cameraman: Vicki Cianciarulo