Early Morning Success - New York

May 1, 2009 , my father and I made our annual trip to New York. I wish I had more to tell about this hunt, but it turned out to be one of the quickest turkey hunts I’ve ever experienced. We sat together before dawn just waiting to hear the first gobble…it never came!

We decided to head back toward the truck and try another spot that had produced for us in the past. As we got setup into an old rotted stump, we heard a gobble. My dad quickly started with the mouth call and immediately got an answer. He called again with another answer…this time closer! He was on his way and it didn’t take long. I heard the spit and drum…here he comes I whispered. I had to wait for him to clear a few trees and when he did…bang! We had a monster on the ground. This bird had the largest spurs of any I have taken to date. His beard measured 9- 3/8” with 1-¼” spurs.

Dad and I exchanged high-fives while we sat there and soaked it all in because it happened so fast. How quickly things went from looking bleak to having a turkey on the ground!

Hunter: Jeremy Lengle