Double Ralph Day - Florida

March 22, 2010
This afternoon we headed to the wind rows and got set up. It was my turn and I had my new TenPoint crossbow. We saw one gobbler and as we were watching him, four long beards snuck in. I believe they caught our movement and slowly walked off. About an hour later, we spotted two different gobblers and they were locked onto our decoy. I was ready and let the bolt fly, tipped with a Spitfire Maxx. It hit the spot—the gobbler hit the ground, took off and piled up 25 yards away. It was great! The best thing was, earlier in the day, RJ shot his 1st gobbler and this afternoon, I shot mine. It was a DOUBLE RALPH DAY!!!

March 23, 2010
This morning, it was Vicki’s turn and we headed out to the wind rows, but only saw a couple of hens and not a lot of movement. This afternoon was slow again; we did spot one gobbler heading in to roost.

March 24, 2010
This morning we headed south. Vicki, RJ, Hoppy, and I heard some gobblers and hens and set up on them, but no luck. They flew into the orchard. As we drove around trying to locate some birds, we spotted two long beards with some hens. We quickly took off and Hoppy spotted them in the brush. We got settled in, put the decoy up and did some calling. It didn’t take long and they all came in. The sun was right in our eyes, but Vicki took her shot and nailed a big Tom! It was great—in three days, the Cianciarulo’s tagged out all together on Osceola’s…what a great trip with super people!

March 25, 2010
This morning we cruised all around with RJ to try and find some hogs. We saw a lot of turkey, but only two hogs. In the afternoon, we took the Choice blind with the south wind and set up by the lake road. We saw four hens, two gobblers, one doe, and lots of Dove Quail and Cardinals. At almost dark, we had three hogs come in but the black boar never really gave RJ a good shot, so he passed. It’s great to see him wait for his shot. We know it frustrates him and maybe he is holding too tight and waiting a bit long, but like we told him, patience will make him a great hunter.

Hunter: Ralph Cianciarulo

Cameraman: Vicki Cianciarulo