Around last Christmas I received a call from my good friend and fellow Posse member Scott Wolfe.  He asked me if I would be interested in going moose hunting with him and two other friends at Kashabowie Outpost in Ontario, Canada.  Obviously it didn’t take me long to say “yes” and from that point on the preparations began.

September 22nd finally came and, Joe and Scott arrived at my house to pick me up for our road trip to Kashabowie.  We were on our way to moose camp.  About ten hours later we arrived at Kashabowie’s main camp.  A short time later we were on a float plane headed to our camp where the fourth member of our party, Rick, was already there waiting for our arrival.  The weather was supposed to be good and we were just a little excited.

The first night we had some high winds in the area and as expected with moose, we didn’t see any on their feet.  After skipping the next morning hunt due to high winds, my guide and favorite cameraman Scott and I headed out in the afternoon to calmer winds.   On our boat ride in we spotted a giant bull and a cow near a channel where the lake narrows.  They watched us for a while and then slowly walked off into the timber.  Once out of sight, we snuck into the area and set up a quick natural blind…thinking we may be able to challenge the bull back into the open.  The rest of this sit was quiet until we made our way back to the boat after dark.  While quietly getting ready to paddle out of the area, brush started breaking in the area of our blind.  We sat there for 10 minutes listening to a bull thrash the area where Scott had last cow called from.  The bull threw in a few grunts for good measure and we were instantly fired up.  We went to bed anticipating our morning hunt.  Morning came and we had yet another great encounter with a bull.  Unfortunately we couldn’t get him into an opening for a clear shot.

That evening we decided to go right back to the same spot, but this time we had a decoy.  Scott was calling, the wind was calm and we were excited because there were a couple of bulls in this area.  With about 45 minutes of shooting light left we heard a branch break and a grunt in the distance.  It seemed like seconds and that bull was coming through the timber getting closer to us.  He appeared into the tall grass to my right about 60 yards away.  Just then he looked our way and saw the decoy.  Game on!  He turned, starting grunting and sauntered toward our decoy.  I drew my Hoyt and followed him until he was right in front of Scott and me.  He was now at 6 ½ yards but slightly quartering-towards me.  He took one more step and turned broadside.  I held my Truglo pin on him and let that Beman go.  He ran about ten yards, stopped and looked at the decoy.  Then he turned, walked back passed me about 20 yards and tipped over.  Wow!  My heart was racing!  I turned to Scott and I think he was as excited as I was.  My first moose and with a bow, at 6 ½ yards! 

It was a great hunt with a great friend!  Our trip was the best I have ever had.  I killed my first bull.  Rick Richards kills his first bull and Joe Steffes had several encounters with big bulls.  I met two new friends and have memories forever!  Thank you Kashabowie Outpost!

Hunter: Jess Johnson

Cameraman: Scott Wolfe