Choice ground blind pays off again

Oct. 19 2012 was a stormy wet day, back home in northern IL., not a day that you wanted to do much outside if you did not have to. I had just returned from hunting in Adams Co. IL. It had been hot down there and deer were not moving very much earlier that week. I checked my trail cameras that day and had another picture of one of my target bucks “Whitey”. This front was just what we needed. I talked with my filming partner Andrew Clausen around 1:00pm and we were debating weather we wanted to film in it, Andrew said that he would shower after work and be ready if I called. Around 3:15pm the weather was giving us a window to get out, we had a north wind that is perfect for our Ameristep Choice ground blind. I called Andrew back and we were in the ground
blind by 4:10. We were all set up and hoped that Whitey might show himself.

  Our blind is set up on the edge of my food plot that has Beans, Turnips & Brassicas mixed in and was doing well considering the drought conditions that we have had in our area this year. Later that evening the rain started again, but we were staying dry in the ground blind. Finally around 5:50 I saw a deer moving up on the hill in front of us. When I put the Nikons on it I realized that it was the buck that we were hoping for. I told Andrew it was Whitey and he looked much better in person than the trail cam. I passed this buck 4 times last year, I told Andrew if we get a chance he was not getting a pass this year. I gave him a few grunts just to get his attention, He walked along the ridge just peering down into the food plot. After a few minutes of hesitation he finally started down to the food plot looking bigger with every step. Andrew had him in the frame just feeding on the beans, slowly getting closer. He turned broadside and the AC Max Rangefinder let me know he was only 24 yards away, I drew back my Hoyt and asked Andrew one more time if he was on him, I got the ok, took careful aim and sent the Spitfire tipped Beman on its way.

  The shot looked good, complete pass through, Whitey ran only 50 yards and went down on film!  We were pumped and great full that he went down quickly. I had a lot of history with this buck and it was in a way kind sad that he now longer lives, but I will always respect the animals which I harvest and feed my family with what they provide us. Andrew and I could not wait to get our hands on him, so we wasted no time finding my arrow and getting to him. We were both amazed at the body size of this deer let alone the antlers. He was my heaviest to date, 250 lbs. field dressed with a massive 8 point frame. Hopefully I can return the favor and capture Andrew harvesting his buck. Thank the Lord for his great creatures that he provides for us.

Shoot Straight and Good Luck

Hunter: Dean Ashton

Cameraman: Andrew Clausen