Caught Off Guard - Kansas

Our 2009 trip to Kansas started out a little rough. It was November 29, 2009 and Terry had just shot his long shot buck on the evening of the 28th. After taking care of Terry’s buck we still had to pack up for Kansas which we finished up by midnight, but we planned to leave at 4:00 a.m. With only three hours of sleep we climbed into the car and began our 1,000 mile trip. It was a long and tiring drive but 16 hours later, we were in Kansas with two days to scout before the rifle season opened. After some much needed sleep and rest, we spent the next couple of days scouting and glassing fields in preparation for opening day.

December 2, opening day was cold and windy. We saw several bucks including two shooters which were out of range. We were excited about the encounters with the shooters because we knew we had several days to hunt and if we didn’t spook them, it would only be a matter of time.

December 3 was Terry’s turn to hunt so I’ll leave that for him to tell you in his story.

December 4, 5:00 a.m. we got up and checked the weather, 14 degrees with a northwest wind of 4 mph, perfect for my favorite stand “The stairway to heaven”. We made our way to the stand with just enough light to see if any deer were in the food plot. After climbing the stairway, I began to settle in as Terry got the camera set up. The camera wasn’t even on the tripod when Terry said “good buck”. I’ll have to admit the next few moments were frantic trying to stop the buck which was at 200 yards and going away from us, getting the camera on the tripod and the head phones hooked up, but we managed to do both. Terry had grunted which stopped the buck, but he was over 200 yards and still heading away from us.

As the buck began walking again, Terry grabbed our HS Rattle Bag and began to rattle while I watched the deer through my Nikon binoculars. To my surprise the buck stopped, flicked his tail, turned, and started walking straight toward us. I knew something was about to happen. I kept saying “he’s coming” and “have we got enough light”. The buck walked across the food plot and stopped at 60 yards looking straight at us. It seemed like he stood there forever, and then he turned, walking out of sight behind some cedars. After what seemed like a long time, he finally emerged from the cedars. I told Terry to stop him. He grunted, stopping the buck, but before I could get the shot, he started walking again. Terry grunted once more and he stopped again. This time I settled the crosshairs of the Nikon Monarch behind his shoulder and squeezed the trigger on my TC pro hunter sending a Hornady 117 Gr. SST 25-06 bullet on its way. The buck made one leap and was out of sight behind some more cedars. I turned and asked Terry if the shot looked good and he assured me it was—I was on cloud nine! I couldn’t believe we had rattled, turned this buck around, and brought him to 60 yards and I’d just taken my second great buck of the season.

The recovery was a short one. My shot had been good and he had only gone 15 yards dropping behind some cedars. After celebrating and taking pictures we loaded him up, took him to the barn, and took care of him. Now it was behind the camera for me. One buck down and one to go; Terry’s up to bat and things are looking good. To be continued…

Hunter: Kim Edwards

Cameraman: Terry Edwards