All the Way to Mexico - Mexico

This hunt started while we were doing an appearance down at Wulf’s Sporting goods in Texas last year. Cathy Wheatley, co-owner of MC Outdoors Adventures, waited to talk with Vicki & I about possibly coming to hunt with them down in Old Mexico.

Now I know many of you have heard all the BAD stuff going on down there, but after doing some research, we found out that where Cathy & Mike run their hunting operation, there are NO PROBLEMS and we met them in Eagle Pass and they took us right into Ole’ Mexico without any issues. The ride was incredible and we drove through many little towns and it really made us thank God for the opportunities we have back home in the States. So many times we take so much for granted and once you travel where they don’t have what we all have, you quickly realize we are truly blessed to live in the great USA.

We got into camp and what a camp it was—the house and bunk quarters we stayed in was awesome. We didn’t waste any time and got our Hoyt bows out and started shooting to make sure everything made the trip the way we packed it. The shots are not far here, both Cathy & Mike as well as the guides are all bowhunters, and they know what it takes to make it happen. They have feeders and protein feeders on the ranch and have either pop-up ground blinds or plywood built blinds that all have mesh for shooting through them.

We were also sharing camp with some other clients and friends of theirs. It was their son’s first outfitted big game bow hunt and it was cool to be there to share it with him. He would see lots of bucks and take a really nice one with his Hoyt bow...Way to Go!

The first morning Vicki and Freddy went one direction and Zendal & I went another. It wasn’t long and we could see deer moving around all around us. We saw the trail cam photos of a few shooter bucks and one in particular was a really nice 10 point. So we patiently waited for our first morning sit and watched as a parade of deer came in from all directions.

You could see that the pressure on this ranch was very limited and the deer never really paid much attention to us, which is very important when trying to get mature bucks into bow range. The only pressure these deer have is the predators and what is really cool, they have had numerous shootings of mountain lions from these ground blinds and this fall, they again took one at less than 18 yards and had another missed at just feet right below the elevated plywood blind. The hunter hit the window with his arrow, what a bummer!

It was about 8:30 a.m. and we had a lot of deer in and out all morning when I spotted two does staring out to the right and then they took off and right behind them came the 10 point we had seen photos of. He chased the does around and then slowly made his way to our location. He gave me a quartering away shot and I took it, my new Hoyt Carbon Matrix with my Beman ICS Hunter tipped with a Hellrazor sliced right through the mesh and drove home on the Mexico 10 point. He ran about 80 yards and piled up. I realized I just gave that Ole’ Mexico buck a one way ticket out of Mexico and back to IL!

My first morning out and Zendal & I were done, or so we thought......Mike & Cathy had some open tags for some management bucks and we ended up buying one of them and got back into the stands. Oh and during this time, Vicki did shoot a really cool old 6 pointer, but that’s her story and I don’t want her in mine...LOL!

Besides all the turkeys and predators we saw, and wow you should see the size of bears they are getting on the trail cameras....Oh my, too bad you can’t hunt bears down there YET! But if they ever open it, you can bet we will be down there! They are HUGE!

Zendal and I sat another blind and had a pile of deer come in and a really good looking 8 point. We wanted to make sure this buck was a management deer so we held off and showed the footage to Cathy & Mike and we got the green light for the afternoon. It wasn’t long and there he was, I waited for my perfect angle and once again, my new Hoyt Carbon Matrix did the job. He ran about 70 yards and piled up.

Don also shot a great buck with his bow and what was really cool, was everyone filled their tags on this super free ranging deer hunt in Ole’ Mexico, and I can tell you we are going back! If any of you are interested in joining us next year give, Cathy & Mike a holler and lets all go down to Ole’ Mexico and bring home some really good whitetail deer, turkeys, and javelina, and maybe even throw in some bobcats, coyotes, and a possibly cougar...

Hunter: Ralph Cianciarulo

Cameraman: Zendal Carroll